Kingston conversations

Get a bunch of Airstream enthusiasts together and a lot of things get discussed.

Randy found out that a few hours of FantastiFan plus a few hours of DVD and TV plus some lighting meant dead batteries in the morning when a bit of furnance would have been nice. Thankfully a Honda 2000si came to the rescue.

Jerry noted that the owner’s manual for the new trailers said the converters had some battery charging smarts. Older versions only provided a ‘float’ voltage of about 13.5 volts. The new ones are supposed to go up to 14.4 volts to charge the battery and then drop down to a safe float voltage. The smarts mean that it takes a lot less time to charge the battery or that the normal 3 or 4 hour battery charging session will be a lot more effective at bringing the battery up to snuff.

Don noted that batteries in good condition weren’t as suceptible to water loss as old batteries in poor condition when left on the converter for a couple of weeks. The higher the voltage over about 13.2v the faster the likelyhood of water loss in the battery over time.

Jerry also showed a nice fairly short twistlock to 15 amp umbilical he made to connect his trailer to a typical house circuit. The usual 30 amp to 15 amp dongle is another thing to carry around and adds two more plugs as a sources of potential failure.

The ground wasn’t sloped a lot but most rigs needed some leveling. Pulling a wheel up on a 4×6 block only worked because the block sank into the ground a half inch or so which prevented it from sliding. Smaller blocks stacked worked OK, too. Lynx Levelers were also used.

The wind limited awning use. A staked down and tied down screen tent even had to be taken down Saturday evening else it would have been on its way across the valley along with anything else loose.

The Airstream tours also had a wide variety from the Root’s 1953 (?) 26 footer to Virginia’s 1991 B-Van to the new rigs.

Look for picture galleries to be announced when they get posted!

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