The Petersen Ranch at the foot of Bald Mountain

The SNU Rally in July 2009 will be just north of Lassen National Park in the Hat Creek area. Here’s the Google Maps routing from the North (the recommended route).

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Point A is where Pittville road turns off 299. D is where Bald Mountain road branches off Pittville. E is the approximate location of a cattle guard and F is about where Cinder Cone road heads off west.

There is also a step by step photo gallery up that shows you pictures of the main points and the lattitude and longitude coordinates to help you set up a GPS navigation system.

These pictures were taken right after the April rains so you can see the roads are good. There is another photo gallery from a previous year, before some major fires in the area, that can be used for some comparison and contrast about terrain and roads.

There are a lot of other ways to get to the ranch. From the south, the map indicates that Pittville road off CA 44 near Poison Lake might be a way to go as it is about 40 miles shorter. The problem is that this road is 30 miles of dirt that is marked 4×4 only on the National Forest topographic maps (Fall River Mills, Pittville, Hitchcock Ridge and Cable Mountain are the quads you need). There may be scouting parties checking out Pittville road to the south, the powerline road, or the road over from the Hat Creek Radio Observatory – Call SNU HQ by early July 23 for the latest. The Cinder Cone road from Cassel Fall River Road was checked out to be OK but it isn’t on the maps and may be difficult to locate.

For assistance, you can stop at Ray’s Market on 299 just west of McArthur and see if you can contact someone at the rally site. Call SNU HQ for cell phone numbers, try CB channel 14 or, if a ham, try 146.43 simplex.

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