States for a friendly driving experience

The National Motorists Association has compiled state rankings for the Memorial Day Weekend 2009 to determine where you a most or least likely to get harassed on your trip. The criteria listed at the bottom of the ranking list includes such things as speed traps per capita, roadblocks, freeway speed limits, courts structure, traffic enforcement camera use, toll roads, helmet laws, move over laws, and other such things.

Out west, Oregon hits #12 and California #14 worst. Arizona and New Mexico came in at the middle of the list. Nevada hits the list at #30 and Utah at #41. Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming came out as the least obnoxious driving states.

The National Motorists Association (NMA) was founded in 1982 to represent and protect the interests of North American motorists. We began by combating the 55-mph National Maximum Speed Limit and we continue to support efforts to retain motorists’ freedoms and rights. We work for more reasonable speed limits and fight for better driver training, fair enforcement practices and important privacy protections. The NMA believes in freedom and responsibility to make choices, not in “one size fits all” legislation, ticket cameras, unfair driving taxes, revenue-motivated traffic courts and speed traps. The NMA supports traffic laws based on sound engineering principles and public consensus – not political agendas.

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