Honda genset weight loss program

The Honda EU2000i portable genset is extremely popular in RV circles. It is quiet, easy to handle, and great for charging batteries or for temporary power needs. The only problem is that you need two of them to run the air conditioner. The next bigger model, the EU3000IS, will handle the AC but is much heavier.

Now Honda has come up with its EU3000i Handi that provides the power to start and run 13.5 class AC without the weight of the 3000IS. The weight reduction was done by removing the electric start, reducing the fuel tank capacity by half, and a bit less sound reduction. The Handi is about 2/3 the size of the IS and the engine is a bit smaller, too.

The runtime on a tank of fuel is reduced by half – to about 4 hours. The sound is up by a factor of 4 (although still quiet as far as portable gensets go). With a full fuel load it is still near 100# which is still almost twice that of a 2000i.

Note that altitude reduces the power available from a genset. A 2000 watt genset that can produce 1600 watts continuous is almost enough to power and AC except for the compressor startup. That compressor startup can even challenge a 3000 watt genset depending upon circumstances. Besides 2 gensets, which have to be of a type that allow connecting in parallel, you could use a power sharing device like the Victron MultiPlus that will augment the genset with battery power to get the compressor going and then, if the genset can handle it, use any available power capacity to charge the battery.

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