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Home Power Thinking About Batteries

Justine Sanchez has a good article on Battery Bank Design & Sizing in this month’s Home Power Magazine. The focus is on residential systems and not on RV systems. It includes consideration for “areas with utilities unfriendly to net billing” which is one way of saying areas whose populations don’t like subsidies for energy fantasies. But the subsidies are often forced on utility customers and other modern concerns such as load leveling have become an issue in electrical power systems. 

The battery types discussed here are being mass-produced—there is a formalized testing process in place with material safety handling data sheets, etc.—and are currently available for the U.S. residential storage market.
No matter what type of system you have, there are some basic pieces of information you will need for sizing. This includes the daily energy the battery bank will need to supply and the DOD recommended for that battery type.
A primary factor in off-grid battery bank design is “days of autonomy”—the number of days that the bank should meet loads without being recharged due to clouds hampering PV output.

There is a good discussion of considerations that differ between whether the batteries are providing service for off-grid, backup, or load leveling situations. An RV has the potential for much greater variance in energy requirements in most cases. That means that a greater reserve capacity is needed. Weight, maintenance charging, and other factors are much more important in RV systems than they are in Home systems, too.


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SNU August Newsletter

SNU Folks,

*The August 2017 Newsletter has been posted*

Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

_Topics in the August newsletter_
Review of Weed Heights rally -|-  Green Creek August rally -|- Visit to Jackson Center -|- Welcome Douglas and Dawn Dale -|- Lassen in September -|- The “Other” SNU members -|- Torgue Them Wheel Bolts! -|- Trailer Park Troubadours. -|- SNU Business – nominations, rally schedule & dues -|-  Don & Gail’s Adventures -|- SNU Group Pictures

*August Rally At Green Creek*

Thursday, August 24 - Sunday, August 27, 2017  the  SNU August rally will be at Green Creek which is about 6 miles south of Bridgeport, CA off US 395. Green Creek is an NFS dispersed area  Be sure to follow Wheels directions to the rally site. Green Creek is close to Bodie and could be a great day trip. Activities as always are up to the whims of the rally participants. Plan to join us a Green Creek

RSVP’s  phone: 775 972 9392 or Email:	If you can’t come for the whole rally, come for a day or come for a visit whatever fits your schedule. For more information and pictures check the website

*2018 WBCCI International Rally in Salem, OR*

The WBCCI is expecting the 2018 International in Salem Oregon to fill up as did this year at Escanba. It's the perfect location to get a large contingent of Sierra Nevada Unit members at an International. Register now to make sure of a spot with water and electric.

*Keep Informed about the SNU*
 * SNU 2017 Rally Schedule – Mark your calendars

* SNU Facebook page

* What's new on the


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