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SNU Rally Eagle Lake May 2017

The pictures are up! The rally this time was at the North Eagle Lake BLM campgound. See the Eagle Lake Rally Page for gallery links and other information.

Eagle Lake Rally May 2017

This from collection #2 – See the photo gallery! The link to collection #1 is on  the Eagle Lake Rally Page.

The campground is ‘old style’ BLM which means the camp sites tend to be rather small and maneuvering rather difficult. Phil, the host, says this rally had more campground visitors than he’s seen before. It’s usually a quiet place without too many visitors.

The California DOT has quite a rundown on CA 139 (PDF) which is the route from Klamath Falls to Susanville and goes by Tule Lake and the Lava Beds National Monument before it gets to Eagle Lake then over Antelope Pass to Susanville. The scenery is special but the road is rather difficult for larger, modern RV’s as the lanes are narrow and shoulders nearly non-existent. It is an old road.

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Water water (almost) everywhere

Silver Fox took note of the High Water Across the West: Honey Lake with a lot of pictures. She has links to pictures of the lake from previous years, too.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to travel across part of the Great Basin of eastern California and northern and central Nevada, and have noticed a lot of high water, almost everywhere. Honey Lake, which has been dry to only partly filled during the last several years, is once again a lake.

There’s also a new photo gallery: 2017 – A wet year in Northern Nevada with pictures of the ‘dry’ lakes on U.S. 395 north of Reno (but south of Honey Lake). Here’s White Lake near Cold Springs and Bordertown as seen from the freeway.


White Lake


The rally this weekend will provide some more pictures of Honey Lake and Eagle Lake so stay tuned!

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Nostalgia: an old highway 66 overview

It’s a one hour YouTube video on the route 66 from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean. Most Amazing Views of Route 66 – An Aerial Documentary. It’s a music video tour, a compression of a long journey, a meditation, and a glimpse about what the ravages of time bring to roads. It isn’t a narrated documentary.

Thousands of miles, fuel, and dollars and over two and a half years of obtaining footage have resulted in never before seen perspectives of Route 66.  I’m proud to show you Route 66 like it has never been seen before.  From Chicago to LA, you’ll get your kicks with this video from 66!

There is some repeated footage but the use of the drone provides more context of the road in its place than you’d get from road level photography. This video shows many of the landmarks along the route, the condition of the road and its bridges, a lot of middle America scenery, and an occasional glimpse of folks, especially motorcyclists it seems, out to enjoy the road. 

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The Great American Eclipse

The PBS Space Time YouTube channel has a short presentation on The Great American Eclipse. It’s a once in 40 year special event and there’s likely to be a lot of folks camping out on its path between Oregon and North Carolina. 

sad to say, being PBS the video is plagued by its sponsor (and some wacked out comments) but that is at the end and in the ‘extra notes.’ The presentation itself is quite good and explains the phenomena and what you might be able to see.

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