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Here’s a gift: Photo album updates and additions

Whewieeee! Diane’s been busy. There are photo galleries from two luncheons (December and November), the SNU Diorama, the lighted wonder, Ruby the anniversary Airstream, creative projects, And an index to Randy and Vicki Grossmann related photo galleries and how-to’s and other good stuff.

Here’s something from the table at the December get together:

Good way to enjoy Christmas – browsing memories with friends. This collection oughta’ get you going on that.

Here’s the the lighted wonder

And here’s Ruby at the Lassen Resort Rally

Lot’s more. Merry Christmas and may 2017 yield even more of these sorts of memories.

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Fridge ideas

Dan Fink has a good discussion on Choosing Your Off-Grid Refrigerator in HomePower Issue #176, November / December 2016. He describes the specialty refrigerators before he gets to the “conventional fridges.” The conventional refrigerators are getting to be quite energy efficient and the economies of scale can make them rather cost effective. Also note the comments about chest type freezers. These can also be had rather inexpensively but may need an external thermostat for refrigerator use. Also note the Colorado commenter who described his need to remove perishables from the freezer in the winter. That sort of problem could also be addresses by a separate freezer.

Advances in solar systems and batteries put ‘conventional refrigerators’ as a distinct possible option for RV’s. They don’t suffer altitude problems like many RV propane refrigerators do, they will chill down much faster, and can offer other advantages. The energy needs don’t seem to be influenced by size much. Big or little, a standard fridge seems to need about a kiloWatt hour per day of energy. That means a minimum base system of 2 lead acid batteries and 200 watts solar.

Dan gets into a lot of the issues and considerations on this topic. That helps to understand just what is involved and what to consider.

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SNU December Newsletter

SNU Folks,

*The December 2016 Newsletter has been posted* Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

Topics in the December newsletterPlaza Lunch review -|- December lunch -|- Cool Weather Camping -|- SNU Newsletters -|- Promoting the SNU -|- Holiday Decorations -|- Glamping SNU style -|- Grand Opening

*December Luncheon in Reno*
The SNU special holiday luncheon will be Saturday December 17, 2016. The luncheon starts at 11:30 am. Brian & Jeni Root will be hosting this luncheon at their home in Reno. This luncheon will be a great way to culminate the celebration of the SNU’s 40th Anniversary year and get into the holiday spirit. For directions and other information and to RSVP Contact the SNU via phone: 775 972 9392 or Email:

Keep Informed about the SNU


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