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SNU April Newsletter

SNU Folks,

*The April 2015 Newsletter has been posted*

Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

_Topics in the April newsletter_
April rally at Ft Sage -|- Lahontan rally review -|- What to see and do in Northeast CA. -|- RSVPS for Prosser -|- Rally Planning -|- Courtesy Parking First Offered-|- Important Historical Dates -|- SNU membership, new record

*April Rally At Ft Sage*
Ft Sage off Hwy 395 near Doyle CA is the location for the April SNU rally, Thursday April 23 – Sunday April 26, 2015. Check the rally webpage for directions to Ft. Sage. The route to Ft Sage indicated on some GPS systems goes over a bridge that is NOT recommended for large vehicles or towing a trailer because of weight limits and narrow access. Instead, use Laver Crossing north of Doyle. This site is a BLM campground with dispersed parking and a pit toilet and it is an off road trail head.  Be sure to bring wood for campfires.

 For more information:

Keep Informed about the SNU
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The English isn’t all that polished but the message about how to get best lead acid battery life is good. See Maintenance-free lead batteries Panasonic will surprise by their lifetime at the Electronics Lab Blog. It does appear to be a Panasonic battery press release but that only means you need to be careful about what is hype and what isn’t.

“However those are things, which can be easily checked up from available internet source or even better from satisfied users. Instead of it, we better bring you a few advices for usage of VRLA/ SLA batteries to serve you as long as possible”

This list is similar to what you’ll find posted in the archives here: “number of cycles (thus a battery lifetime) is very strongly dependent on a level of discharge before consequent recharging.” … “real capacity of a battery (amount of energy, which we´ll get out of it) is strongly dependent on a discharge current.” … “real capacity of a battery also depends on temperature.” Also note the comments about number of cycles.

Hype? Perhaps the best example is the claim that “top quality AGM VRLA batteries last you up to 15 years.” Maybe. The issue is that lead acid batteries gradually lose capacity as they age. If you use and maintain batteries properly, this will be a gradual degradation. The end of life decision then becomes a matter of when deciding the reduction in capacity is sufficient to warrant replacement.

Lead acid batteries are so common for RV and automotive use because they are inexpensive, do the job, and reasonably tolerant of abuse. As a contrast, lithium ion rechargeable batteries have ten times the energy capacity by weight, cost ten times as much for energy storage, and are very intolerant of abuse – so intolerant that Li0ion battery cells often have their own integrated electronics to make sure they are not overcharged, discharged too far, and protected from excess current. Now, if you want life, the NiFe battery might be for you (see NiFe FAQ or Wikippedia) but the trade-off for lifespan is weight.

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Where’s the water? Lahontan

It is a reservoir built in 1915 to help assure water to the fields near Fallon. These days, after a few years of drought, there isn’t much water in the reservoir. Here’s a view from a few years ago:

Lake Lahontan

The destination page for Lahontan State Park has links to the RV group’s photo galleries and other websites of interest — it needs to be updated as a number of the links to external websites suffer link rot. A web search for the title of the link.

The Nevada State Parks people haven’t sat still these last few years, either. Fort Churchill State Historic Park ties in the other end of some big plans:

“Nevada State Parks acquired 3,200 acres along the Carson River in 1994. The properties, known as the Carson River Ranches, connect Fort Churchill State Historic Park with Lahontan State Recreation Area. This river corridor, with its diverse plant and wildlife communities, is a popular area for campers, hikers, birdwatchers, canoeists, hunters and equestrians. While motorized travel on the ranches is not permitted, construction of public access parking areas and a scenic network of trails is ongoing.”

Of course, the float trips on the Carson River depend upon decent winter snowfall so you might need to wait a couple of years for a good La Nina winter for that. Meanwhile, there are a number of well marked trails for walking to view the old fort and the river bottom areas.

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MBCU Memories – Lloyd Brown drawings- 1989 White Sands Caravan #39

Lloyd had a special way to remember his caravan experiences with his Monterey Bay friends

Mojave Desert

see the gallery!

Southern California – the eastern side

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SNU March Newsletter

SNU Folks,

The March 2015 Newsletter has been posted. Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

Topics in the March newsletter: March rally at Lahontan -|- Black Bear lunch review -|- Something (rallies) for Everyone -|- Coming Soon (Lassen rally) -|- Airstream Caravans -|- WBCCI & Amateur Radio

Also check the latest updates from Region 12.

March Rally At Lahontan

Thursday March 19 to Sunday March 22, 2015 are the dates for the SNU rally at Lahontan. The rally will be at the dispersed site at Beach 7. Friday we’ll celebrate a late St Patrick’s day with a corned beef and cabbage dinner. Come prepared for any type of weather from warm and sunny to windy and cold. Be sure to bring some wood for campfires.

Keep Informed about the SNU


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