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SNU at Weed Heights July 2014

Weather was warm but not all that hot so it made for a good air conditioner exercise.

see the photo gallery!

The SNU rally at Weed Heights was on A Night in the Country weekend. That weekend musical festival was down at the fairgrounds where thousands camped on the dirt. Since both that event and the SNU rally ended on Sunday, US 91A from Yerington to Silver Springs was bumper to bumper white box RV’s with an Airstream sprinkled in here and there on the way home.

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SNU July Newsletter

SNU Folks,

The  July 2014 Newsletter has been posted — Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

Topics in the July newsletter: July Weed Heights rally -|- Sweetwater rally review -|- Welcome new members -|- 1st draft 2015 rally schedule -|- time to renew for 2015 -|- Prez Meanderings -|- 2014 Road to Gillette -|- 2015 Joint Rally with NorCal -|- Silver Trailer Event -|- camera basics

July Rally at Weed Heights

Thursday July 25 to Sunday July 27 are the dates for the SNU rally at Weed Heights RV Park. This year the rally is on the weekend of a Night in the Country Music Festival  There is a shuttle that runs from the RV Park to the Fairgrounds. The SNU has reserved spaces in the RV park for our rally so please let us know ASAP if you plan to attend.  For more information:

Check out Don and Gail’s photos

The photo gallery of the WBCCI rally includes photos of some of the unique features on 2015 Airstreams. – 

Summer travels 

Keep Informed about the SNU

SNU 2014 Rally Schedule – Mark your calendars

SNU Facebook page


What’s new on the



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Trailering, 1952

Josh dug up Living in a Trailer by James Jones from the July 1952 edition of Holiday Magazine. Some things haven’t changed much in 63 years — some have.

“THE FIRST TIME you tow a house trailer you keep jerking the wheel to compensate for that crazy sway in the back end. It takes a long time to get enough used to it to ignore it. The first haul I ever made with mine—a trip that, although I didn’t know it then, turned out to be the first leg of a junket that would take me clear across the country and back and consume a year and a half—was to Memphis, Tennessee, from my home in Illinois. That’s about 400 miles, and it took me four days to make it. A year and a half later, on my way home from California, I hauled from Tucson, Arizona, to El Paso in one day. I had left a green-eared neophyte, and I was coming back a veteran. There is no pride in the world more rabid than that of a confirmed and dedicated trailerite. The next winter I took my trailer to Florida in four days, just about 1,200 miles.”

check it out. People, parks, and tours back when.

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Sweetwater Summit June 2014

The rally was timed for the amateur radio field day event at 7000′ with lots of room for everyone.

See the photo gallery!

Randy got the kit up with adjustments for the stiff breezes. Jerry calibrated his camp oven. Even with the solar powered LED lights, you could see the Milky Way if you stayed up long enough past sundown.

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