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SNU September Newsletter Available

SNU Folks,

*The  September 2013 Newsletter has been posted*  Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there, too.  Topics in the September  newsletter: Obsidian Rally Review -|- Prez Meanderings -|- Welcome New Member -|- WBCCI & Social Media -| SNU Death Valley Rally -|- SNU slate of 2014 officers -|- SNU November 2014 Death Valley Rally

SNU Officers 2014
In October, at the rally at Crocker, the SNU will elect it’s officers for 2014. Check the Prez Meanderings article for the list of nominees. If you cannot make the October rally, you can email your vote to

SNU Basket for the Region 12 October Rally
Each Unit attending the Region 12 rally has been asked to bring a basket that represents the Unit. Wheels and Doris will be putting the SNU basket together and taking it to the rally. Please bring items that represent the SNU and our camping habits to the Fallon Rally so that they can be included.

Renew or join the SNU for 2014
Send your 2014 SNU/WBCCI dues in now. Dues are $75 per year, $65 for WBCCI and $10 for the SNU. Mail you check to the SNU at 716 Terra Ct, Reno, NV 89506,  pay at the next SNU rally you attend, or pay online via PayPal

*SNU 2014 Rally Schedule – Mark your calendars*


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Obsidian Dome 2013

Quite a gathering for dispersed camping along US 395 between June Lakes and Mammoth

There’s a collection of photo galleries to tour – see the cover page for Obsidian Dome 2013

If you missed the pictures from the gatherings in previous years, there are links going back to 2006 photo galleries.

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A reminder about things not to do at a campground

Dave Seminara is in to tent camping. That just makes it harder to escape some of the obnoxious things other campers do. He lists 7 things not to do at a campground. It is a familiar list. Read. Remind yourself. Remember.

“One would think that campers would know not to snap the branches off of trees for firewood, drive fast around the campground, liter, and leave a fire unattended, but I’ve seen people do all of these things. Everyone slips up occasionally but a little common courtesy goes a long way, especially in the great outdoors.”

It’s sorta’ like picking a spot in the middle of a big dispersed area, getting set up, and then having someone else come along and decide to set up right next to you. Perhaps they think you chose a desolate spot because you need company or something? That something might include 24×7 electricity, music, dog poop avoidance games, and similar stuff as well.

It is one thing to be friendly and say “Hi” but entirely another to be oblivious to the needs and desires of others.

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