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SNU Lahontan March 2013

The spring breakout was at Lahontan this year. Rally prep was a windy day as a storm rolled in to provide blustery and cool weather for the SNU rally.

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Spring break out is a matter of making sure everything in the rig is working as designed. Flush the antifreeze from the water system and sanitize. Check the batteries for full charge and water levels. Make sure the hitch is sound, the lights work, and all systems are ready for use.

Then enjoy a weekend out seeing the country!

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Another route to inexpensive on the road I’net access

How about free? It’s one of those base level service free if you buy the hardware things. Laptop has a story on the latest item: FreedomPop Hub Burst Router Grants Free 1GB Monthly Internet Access.

The Amazon affiliate link: Freddompop at Amazon supports this site.

FreedomPop’s website.

The biggest hassle for this idea might be that it appears to use the Sprint and Clearwire network. That network does not have the presence on the road as does Verizon or AT&T.

There is a similar product for telephones that uses the free Google Voice. Obihai on Amazon provides an ATA (analog telephone adapter) that plugs in between a typical landline phone and an internet connection. You program it with the Google Voice login data and then you can use it for making telephone calls. In addition to the free Google Voice, you can also program it to use one of several VOIP providers that will provide E911 and other services for a nominal fee.

Google Voice uses an email ‘chat’ function for its phone calls. It provides extensive voice mail facilities as well as the ability to route incoming calls to your other telephone numbers. When you sign up, you get a free telephone number but you can port a cell phone number (not a landline number) to be your Google Voice number for $20. Google has what they call 2 factor login that has, as a feature, special passwords you can allocate to specific applications such as the Obihai ATA or an email program like Thunderbird. If you log into your Google account from a computer, you will need to enter a code number received via phone call as the 2nd security layer.

Both of these communications channels, one for I’net and the other for telephone, illustrate how technology is being leveraged so we can get more for less. It can drive you nuts trying to keep up.

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