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SNU October rally weather alert and change of venue

SNU Folks,

Schedule Changes

Please note the changes in location for the October rally and the November luncheon

October rally

The rally location for Thursday October 25 – Sunday 28, 2012 has been changed to Lahonton Beach 7.

A frontal system will be moving through later this the week with snow forecast for the Austin area on Thursday. That makes driving over Bob Scott Summit an iffy situation. It also means the road to Hickison is likely to be snow covered (check the picture on the above link). It has been decided that being closer to home, at a lower elevation is a lot less risky and hopefully it will make it possible for more of you to join us for the last SNU rally of the year. This rally is also when we will be electing SNU officers for 2013.

November Luncheon

The November 17, 2012 luncheon has been changed to El Charro Avita in Carson City.

Due to several issues that cropped up with the Gold Hill hotel, including attendance guarantees and finances, it was decided to change the location of the November lunch to El Charro.

Please email the SNU or call 775 972 5011 and rsvp for the November 17 luncheon no later than November 13, 2012.

We look forward to seeing you all at the October rally at Lahonton and the November lunch at El Charro.

For the latest on the Sierra Nevada Unit, check the website homepage.


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Good tool to have handy on the road: an IR thermometer

Amazon has the SainSonic Non-Contact IR Infrared Thermometer Gun With Laser Targeting on sale for about $18. You need to keep this one handy in your rig so you can check tire and hub temperatures whenever you stop for a break.

If you find a tire running a lot hotter than the others (they should generally run at about 120F +/- 10F or so) you need to investigate. It might have a leak or, maybe, is just under-inflated.

If you have a hub running hot, it could be something as simple as a broken brake spring or as important as a bearing failure.

The IR thermometer can also be handy for cooking and other needs. Look around and you’ll find all sorts of ideas.

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