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SNU October 2012 Newsletter

SNU Folks,

*The October Newsletter has been posted* Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there, too.

_Topics in the October newsletter_

Notes from the Prez -|- Cantaloupe Festival rally review -|- Petroglyphs and pine trees -|- This and That (2013 dues, last snail mail newsletter, Obsidian Rally photos) -|- 2012 Death Valley Rally -|- Email communications

There is also a link to an update on Don and Gail’s Really Retired Holiday

*October rally at Hickison*

Thursday October 25 to Sunday October 28 2012 is the last SNU rally in the North for 2012. It will be at Hickison Petroglyphs, a BLM campground 20 miles east of Austin just off US 50 at Hickison Summit . The turnoff is well marked and easily spotted just around a curve in the road coming down from the summit. SNU will hold it’s annual meeting and election of 2013 officers at this rally. If there are no fire restrictions, bring wood for campfires.
For more information –

*Articles wanted*
We have heard that several SNU members plan to attend the Region 12 Rally October 17 to October 22 in Bakersfield, CA and also that some plan to attend the Rose Parade Rally December 28 to January 1, 2013. If you plan to attend one of these events or have attended other rallies or events this year, please write up a short article for the newsletter. We’d all love to hear about your adventures. If you want more information on these rallies, check the Region 12 website

> Check Zephyrs and find out what else is new on the


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Conference on park management in Reno 7 November

The 2012 Recreation Partnership Conference will be at the Silver Legacy Resort in Reno on 7 November.

“Despite declining recreation budgets, a number of public agencies have been able to keep parks, campgrounds, and recreation areas open and well-maintained using public-private partnerships for park operations. At this conference, you will learn how these partnerships work and you will meet and network with leaders in both public agencies and private companies who have experience with these partnerships.”

The question at hand is how to keep public campgrounds and parks open. States threaten to close state parks due to budget constraints. Parks and recreation facilities are seen as budget drains. There is a way to turn this around that benefits both the government agencies as well as the people who use the facilities. That is what this conference is all about.

There are a lot of misperceptions regarding private management of public parks. That sort of management is not a simple task. It is a private and public partnership where expertise and experience is needed on both sides in order to do it right. You can hear about the US Forest Service (USFS) Program History, The California State Parks Initiative, Wilderness Issues and Legislation and other issues at this conference. It is intended for the professionals so the going might be a bit heavy. Thanks to Warren Meyer, and President, NFRA for providing notice of this event.

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Stuff on sale at Amazon

There is a fall sale of camping gear at Amazon. Tents, chairs, sleeping bags, Support the site, check it out, no cost to you, etc. (affiliate link)

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The SNU Labor Day 2012 Rally at the Cantaloupe Festival and Rodeo

The Churchill County Fairgrounds has a nice campground right on US 95 just south of Fallon Nevada. There was a lot going on there during the Labor Day weekend besides the SNU rally. The Lions Club Junior Rodeo raised the dust, the Cantaloupe Festival had the goods, and the concerts entertained. Then there was the mud volleyball …

See the photo galleries!

The campground has electricity and water at the RV sites. The dump station and water station near the entrance have robots to collect fees if you need to use their services. A lot of the horse trailers parked in the no services area at a reduced overnight fee. Good shade and a whole lot of goathead (aka puncture vine, Tribulus terrestris, see also sexual effects at and other stickers for the dogs and any bare feet. Jerry’s lawn carpets were a real help under the awning!

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