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Forests slowly closing to all but the elite

The Arizona Daily Sun reports on the conflict between the full timers and the badge carrying rangers in the National Forest Service.

Darrell and Rose found a camper, a van to pull it, and some solar panels for power. Now married, the Eddlemans live out of their recreational vehicle in forests around the Southwest with their dog, Freeway, and have seen a lot of the country.

They now hike and visit with other campers.

She paints.

He fishes.

“I like this lifestyle a lot,” Rose said.

Just one problem, in their view: The Kaibab National Forest doesn’t want them around and is recently stating as much.

Actually, living in the forest is illegal, say Forest Service officials, pointing to federal law.

One of the surprises was that the ranger didn’t cite staying past the 14 day limit by a day or two, he saw the Quartzite BLM LTVA sticker and decided on a residency use ticket. “Federal law prohibits building or “occupying or using a residence” on national forest land.” The ranger decided their MoHo was a residence. The implication is that any RV could be similarly categorized at any time on NFS lands.

This treatment is unfair and a form of discrimination, they say, particularly when other presumably wealthier campers with homes come and go from campers that sit for months and face no penalties.

“We’re normal people,” Dallas said. “We just live in the woods.”

Another aspect of this is the MVUM or motor vehicle use maps that the NFS publishes. You need to consult those maps to make sure that you don’t take your vehicle to where it is not allowed (anymore). It also brings to mind the land management companies comments about volunteer hosts and ‘badge and gun’ rangers in their attitude towards problems with campers.

This starts to get one thinking about Robin Hood and the Sherwood forest.

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Airstream travels – Harrison diary of the 1957 Mexican Caravan – Juarez

January 15, 1957

Left Juarez 8:10. Caravan started leaving 8 shart. Weather fine but a little chilly. What a sight after we all got strung out on the Highway. Over 200 trailers. Have to be seen to believe. Met up with our neighbors, Mr. & Mrs, North from MO and Mr. & Mrs. Luckynot from WA.

Back to Juarez for a few highlights. “The Banquet” needs some mention. Our introduction to the land of Mananna. Soup, cold beer. Shrimp cocktails – ran short and served fruit instead. By the time turkey was served at our table everything began to run short. I doubt if some of the people got anything to eat. The floor show was something they picked up out from one of the drivers in Juarez. But all in all we had a nice banquet.

Now back on the road to Chihuahua. The road is narrow and bad shoulders. We were traveling too fast so three of us decided to travel together and drive slower. Stopped for lunch about 1 o”clock. Arrived in Chihuahua about 3:30 pm. All three of us parked together. State Band here to greet us and a Mariachi band to entertain. Spent the evening sitting out in front of our trailer with our neighbors and enjoyed the new moon. Very beautiful.

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SNU August newsletter

SNU Folks,

The August 2011 Newsletter has been posted! Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there, too.

Topics in the August newsletter: Hickison Highlights -|- August joint rally at Obsidian -|- Notes from the Prez SNU Anniversary Rally NorCal at J.T.’s Member Travels

See the special note from Bruce Rhymes.

Rally at Obsidian Dome

This is a special rally, the SNU’s first ever joint rally with another WBCCI Unit – The San Fernando Valley Unit. This is a two part rally. The first half is Thursday August 25 to Sunday August 28 at Obsidian Dome. The second part is Sunday August 29 to Wednesday August 31 Mammoth Lakes. Join us for one or both parts, whatever suits your schedule. Reservations are required for Mammoth Lakes. Contact Mammoth Mountain RV Park and mention you are part of the San Fernando Valley Airstreams. We’ve got some neat things planned for this rally so plan on joining us. See for maps and detailed information.

Get the details on the September SNU Anniversary rally. Don’t miss out. RSVP today!

For the latest on the Sierra Nevada Unit, check the website homepage.

Check Zephyrs and find out what else is new on the


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Down under: Mango Farms – flooding February 2011

Floods happen. In Australia, February is summertime and our friends there sent pictures of the flooding at the mango farms.

See the photo gallery!

That’s a flight difference of something like a third of the circumference of the globe needing nearly 20 hours flight time from Nevada.

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