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Free national park entrance days

If you want to visit a National Park but would rather avoid the entrance fee, Wisebread has information you can use to plan your schedule. November 11: The Last Free National Park Day of the Year provides the calendar for 2011 and also has a tip about library offers that might be worth checking into.

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Looking for a mattress for the RV bed?

The Mattress Insider has “The Idiots Guide to Buying a Replacement RV Mattress” with some good information about getting a comfortable night’s rest in your RV. The company claims to be a source for those radius corner mattresses you need for the Airstream corner beds. If you are looking to upgrade or replace what you sleep on, the Mattress Insider might be a place to start looking at options, prices, and considerations.

Note: Jonathan Prichard at Mattress Insider sent us a request for a link. That, and what they have on their website indicates that they do have an interest in providing mattresses for RV’s. Other websites you might check for comparison would include Love My Mattress and Bed in a Box and Camping World

Most of the options are foam and the choices are between density and type. These are often rolled up and compressed so they can be shipped via UPS or Fedex rather than freight. What you should look for is total cost including shipping and taxes, warranty and satisfaction guarantees, size selection, and sales support that will help you make sure you get the right size and make a good decision regarding density, type, and thickness. — Don’t just shop the mattress but also the information and support a vendor provides.

The proper mattress will make your non sleeping hours much more enjoyable. Take heed and choose wisely!

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Pizza Factory broken promises

The ads said they’d deliver to the Lahontan beach – it’s only 4 miles or so from the restaurant, after all. It seemed like a good idea for a pizza feed at the rally as a special event.

First in the list was to drop by the restaurant and confirm delivery to the lake and pick up a menu and a flyer with the special offers. All looked good. It was downhill from there.

A call to order the pizza (good cell phone coverage at Lahontan) placed the order and that is when we found a reluctance to deliver past the ranger station at the entrance to the state recreation area. That meant we had to wait for a call and then send someone out out to the station to pick up the order.

The second surprise was an incomplete order. The chicken wings part of the special package ordered were missing. That meant that some of those for whom pizza was not in their diet did not have an option. Paid for merchandise was not delivered. A promise was made to bring out the chicken wings, to the beach camp, the next day.

The next day, the Pizza Factory at Silver Springs was called to confirm delivery of the previous day’s shortages. OK, they’d be out to the campsite and deliver shortly. They never showed, never called,

Pizza Factory is a franchise with a corporate office in Oakhurst, CA. That has some benefits (the pizza was good!) but you have to wonder when one of the franchisees fails to delivers on promises, shorts customers, and doesn’t follow through on promised remediation.

The upshot is that anyone deciding to cap an outing at Lahontan with a pizza feed needs to consider what they will do when promises are not met, orders are not complete, and the action does not meet the talk at the Silver Springs Pizza Factory. Our experience was reminiscent of the old route 66 scams taking advantage of those passing through.

The feeling here is that you really should not have to hold a reputable retailer’s feet to the fire and cajole, threaten, or harass them to deliver what they promise and what you paid for. That does not appear to be the value system we encountered at the Silver Springs Pizza Factory.

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SNU October newsletter up

SNU Folks,

The October 2010 Newsletter has been posted. Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

The SNU will officially elect officers for 2011 at the Lahonton Rally. The nominees are: President – Dyann McDonald Thornburg #2797 * Secretary – RoyLaine Warn #2479 * Treasurer/Membership – Bryan Leipper #772 * Trustee – Randy Grossmann #3352 * Trustee – Don Williams #14207

October Rally at Lahonton

Thursday October 21 to Sunday 24 the SNU will hold a rally of 2010 at Lahonton Reservoir Beach 7. Coming from Reno, Fernley, Carson City , or Fallon areas at the Silver Springs junction go south on US 95 alternate towards Yerington 2.8 miles. Turn left on the road to Lahontan SP (Fir). The turn off is well marked. Follow the road to the entrance to Lahontan recreational area. Turn left and go past the entrance shack (register and pay fees!) and dump station and continue to follow the road around the north west side of the reservoir to the end of the paved road. The SNU rally will be at Beach 7 to the right just after leaving the paved road. See finding the rally.

The SNU now provides the means for you to put its rally sites on your electronic map. If you don’t have a GPS or a PND or a computer with a mapping program, you can still use the file for coordinates to find on your paper maps.

Bring wood for campfires.

Topics in the October newsletter include: Obsidian Dome Rally -|- October Lahontan Rally -|- Caravans -|- Report from the International Rally -|- Membership update -|- Death Valley in November

Time to renew membership for 2011

You can pay your dues online or print out the form and send it along with your check to the SNU 714 Terra Ct, Reno, NV, 89506

For the latest on the Sierra Nevada Unit, check the website homepage.

Check Zephyrs and find out what else is new on the


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Obsidian Dome rally pictures

The SNU got together at Obsidian Dome for a 2010 September rally.

See the photo gallery!

Some wildlife (find the squirrel picture!), dutch oven cooking experiments, caravan visitors, and fairies in the rocks in the moonlight.

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