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Back country getting formalized

RGJ reports that Rules are about to change on backcountry roads. There has been so much ATV and other vehicle traffic on National Forest Service lands, often creating new trails, that the NFS will now be defining roads and citing vehicles that don’t use them. The fines will start at $250.

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Easy recipes

Wisebread suggests 5 Easy Recipes Perfect for the Traveling Chef

on the lookout for simple, good, food that can be cooked with a minimal number of widely available ingredients, and prepared in variable portions. Of course, I am thinking mainly of travelers staying in accommodation, be it a hostel, friend’s house, or rental house, with a basically stocked kitchen.

Think maybe an RV might apply?

The suggestions include fritatta, lentil or bean stew, sauted noodles, baked fish, and drunken chicken.

gettin’ hungry?

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