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Eagle Lake SNU Rally Photo Gallery

In the pine trees above Eagle Lake, the SNU occupied nearly half the sites in the campground.

See the photo gallery!

This is a hosted BLM campground about 30 miles north of Susanville. The sites are rather cramped for modern RV’s and there is quite a slope to the campground. facilities include water, trash, and privy’s for campers. Each campsite has a fire pit and a table but tent space could be interesting. The rocks could also provide a challenge for the ground pounders.

A full service RV park with a general store and restaurant are only a mile or so down the road. There is also some dispersed camping on the beach above and below the campground.

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Super Items

The Reader’s Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things has 2,317 uses for common household products to clean messes, repair problems, and save money and time. The list of ‘Super Items’ is probably a good inventory list for your RV.

These Super Items include Aluminum Foil, Ammonia, Baking Soda, Bottles, Cardboard Boxes, Duct Tape, Lemons, Nail Polish, Pantyhose, Paper Bags, Petroleum Jelly, Plastic Bags, Salt, Sandwich & Freezer bags, Tape, Tea, Vinegar, and WD-40. Peruse the suggestions and you will likely find new ways to use things and get a job done or solve some hassle you haven’t figured out.

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Lava Beds rally

Some folks decided to get together for a weekend at an RV park near the Lava Beds National Monument.

See the photo gallery!

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August SNU Newsletter up

The August 2008 Newsletter has been posted -Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can be found there, too.

Topics in this newsletter include:
* Sweetwater Rally Report
* August rally at Eagle Lake
* News from Region 12
* Welcome new members
* Time to renew or join the SNU for 2009

Thursday August 21 to Sunday, August 24, 2008 the SNU will hold a rally at Eagle Lake BLM Campground at the North end – about 30 miles northeast of Susanville, CA off Hwy 139 Fees are $5 per night SNU Rally Kitty plus Individual campground fee $14 p/n Members & guests welcome. Board meeting Saturday open to all. Activities include hiking, birdwatching and fishing and boating in nearby Eagle Lake.

Only three more rallies for 2008! Don’t miss out. Join the fun, plan to attend!

Check Zephyrs to find out what else is new on the website


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SNU August rally at Eagle Lake

Rally Thursday August 21 to Sunday, August 24, 2008 Eagle Lake BLM Campground — Just a reminder, the SNU August rally at the Eagle Lake BLM campground is right around the corner. We checked fire restrictions and found that campfires and bbq’s should be OK as long as they are in the designated fire pits.

There are only two rallies plus our special November Death Valley rally after this before winter so if you haven’t had a chance to come to a rally this year, now is the time.

There are several issues SNU members need to address at the August rally. These include confirming the 2009 SNU event schedule and determining the nominees for the 2009 SNU board of directors. This is your Unit. Your voice, opinions, and ideas are key to the success of the SNU. Plan to come to Eagle Lake and provide your input. We want to hear from you.

Time to renew — It is time to renew your membership in the SNU for 2009. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining us in 2009. The renewal/application form is posted on the SNU website along with a link that enables you to pay your dues online.

Region 12 News — The SNU has recently received several communications from Don Clark, Region 12 President that he wants to share with our members. We have posted his communication on the SNU website.

For information on the rally, a link to Region 12 news, and other updates check this link.

Check Zephyrs to find out what else is new on the website

See you at Eagle Lake!


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Weed Heights, Yerington, Anaconda Copper Mine

The company town at the Anaconda mine was bought by the Tibbals in 1982 after the mine closed down. The open pit copper mine has now filled with water and the town just outside Yerington is something of an unusual resort ‘destination’.

“It’s a half hour away from the nearest east-west and north-south highways, and getting here is like taking a Sunday drive to a home town you never had.” (NevadaWeb)

The RV park has a good number of shaded RV sites and a large community center with laundry and showers. The Nevada Good Sams Club often gathers here in September.

Some snowbirds have found this to be a good summer stop after wintering in Arizona.

See the photo gallery!

The mine itself is a US EPA superfund site. See also the UNR page Copper Mining in Nevada.

If US 95 through Nevada is your route and you need a good spot to stop midway with full facilities, Weed Heights is worth considering.

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