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The Road to Berlin: the challenge

The SNU Rally in September 2007 is planned for the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Central Nevada (see also State Parks or Wildernet). This is one of those places where you don’t just drop by on your way somewhere. You will need to traverse mountain and valley to get there. The pavement ends before you get there. It is a long long way, like a 100 miles long way, to dependable resources like fuel and supplies.

Here is the Google Map. Click on hybrid or satellite links to see what the countryside looks like. Go to the full map and cruise around the area.

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Other links to peruse: Dinosaur Heaven (AAA Tours) -|- CERCA: At home with Nevada’s state fossil (Las Vegas Review Journal) -|- Howard Hughes almost died here? A tale of the past. -|- Nevada’s Intriguing Ghost Towns Recall Historic ‘Boom ‘n Bust’ Era of Gold and Silver Mining Travel Nevada history -|- Ham Radio Trips, a travelguide with pictures. -|- Buffalo Canyon Project, Lander County, Nevada, a modern day report on looking for gold. -|- Fat Atlas shows the google map and has links to nearby attractions.

Previous Entry: Ione with links to a number of sites about this town just north of the park. The rally was originally planned to be at an RV park here but the park closed down.

The discussion will continue … Right now, the SNU redneck is talking to his friend, the animal, who drives the school bus from Gabbs to Ione to the Indian Reservation to Grantsville and back to Gabbs about the roads. Reports are being collected from people who have visited Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park to obtain their views about routes and roads. If you’ve been there and done that, send your report to idealog (at) and we’ll add it to the discussion.

Look for Zephyrs blog entries to come about The Road to Berlin!

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Airstream sightings (updated)

See the photo gallery of Airstreams sighted out in the wild! It has been recently updated with a few new sightings out of the Bridgeport, California area.
Airstream sightings
See the photo gallery.

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