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Pictures: Willow Dreek, Spooner Lake,2020 wildfires, Lassen resort rally

Time to catch up on the photo galleries! Check these out

Willow Creek campground — This is a small old style Forest Service campground. It is located just off hwy 139 on Willow Creek. There are about 10 sites in the campground.

Spooner Lake — a Nevada State Park near Lake Tahoe.

2020 wildfires — Poeville, Loyalton, Hogg, and others between Reno and McArthur

SNU at Lassen RV Resort September 2020 — Despite fires and pandemic panics, the SNU was still able to enjoy a beautiful Northern California spot.


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Rallypics Ketchup from Bishop to McArthur

Gotta’ catch up on the photo galleries?

First up is heading north on California 89 Tahoe to Lassen

The rally planned for Baca Rest was poorly attended due to health issues but that doesn’t stop the scenery

Little Truckee River Valley, Boca


Then there’s the Sierra Nevada Unit Rally at Lassen RV Resort, Thursday September 19 to Sunday September 22, 2019


Lassen RV Resort Welcomes the SNU

Finally, lagniappe [wikipedia]… Don and Gail’s October 2019 travels from the region rally and then heading north

vintage tow vehicle

no, not Don and Gail’s current tow vehicle: a flathead 6 perhaps used by earlier tourists.

check out the pretty pictures!

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Camping in the hills

It’s the Sierra Nevada Range. There are still a few spots left off the beaten track where a group of folks can gather to enjoy the wilderness and scenery this mountain range offers. The WBCCI Sierra Nevada Unit had rallies at Crocker campground and a dispersed camping area near the Blue Lakes at Carson Pass in Hope Valley.

July 2019 SNU rally at Crocker

Crocker Campground

See the photo gallery!

Crocker is north of Lake Tahoe and serves as an overflow campground for Davis Lake campgrounds near Portola off U.S. 70. Hope Valley is south of Lake Tahoe off U.S. 88.

Rally in Hope Valley is an index page to galleries featuring the SNU rally, the wildflowers, and a 2008 rally in the area.

Hope, Faith, and Charity Valleys

Only a short hike from the camp area, just past where the bunny trail faded out to rocky terrain, the snow is still deep in the crevices.

towards carson pass


See the photo galleries!

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SNU rally at Weed Heights June 2019 photos

SNU rally at Weed Heights June 2019 – 

Surf 'n Steak on the way!


see the photo gallery!

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East Walker River, Rye Patch, Unionville

SNU Spring rallies photo galleries!

May 2019 SNU Rally at Walker River SRA 

East Walker River

Rally at Rye Patch Reservoir

Rye Patch

Unionville 2006 to 2019


Unionville in Buenna Vista Canyon

See the photo galleries!

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Washoe Lake breakout (from winter?) rally photo gallery

2019 March SNU rally at Washoe Lake


see the photo gallery!

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Updates, photo galleries, resources …

At Portofinos in Reno, here’s the door prize for the SNU gathering.

See the photo gallery: SNU Portofino’s December 2018

Then there’s the SNU Lunch at the Carson City Plaza November 2018.

See the photo gallery!.

Then there’s some updates and upgrades on the website

A couple of businesses noted our website and requested link updates or citations

50 Best Travel Tips from 10 Years of Travel —  This is an entry on the Your RV Lifestyle blog. definitely some interesting ideas

Jason Noel thinks Big Daddy RV’s in London, Kentucky is similar to another dealer link. Their RV Parts Country makes big claims that might be worth checking  out in trying to find what you need on your next repair and refurb job.

Open Culture notes a copyright expire date in 11,000 Digitized Books From 1923 Are Now Available Online at the Internet Archive. You can not only find free books but also courses and language lessons and movies and other media for your library.




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An SNU rally and a look at the newest NSP effort

Fort Churchill anchors one end of the Nevada State Parks Carson River run that extends to the Lahontan reservoir. The SNU held its October rally there, See the SNU Fort Churchill page for links to photo galleries.

The group took a day trip to visit NSP’s latest river run, the Walker River State Recreation Area. Check out the photo galleries and links! The area is on the East Walker as it runs from Bridgeport to Yerrington between Sweetwater summit and Walker Lake. NSP acquired land from several ranches in the valley for its recreation facilities and river access.


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SNU Rally at Lassen RV Resort 2018

beautiful September weekend. The oak trees were showing hints of fall colors. Sky was clear. Temperatures mild. Facilities excellent. So too, people and food and, even, a troubadour to lead with song an guitar at the gathering around the campfire.

check out the photo gallery links on the information page!

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SNU Rally at Glass Creek

Glass Creek campground near Deadman Pass on US 395 was the site for the August gathering

Glass Creek Rally Page

See the photo galleries and links to additional information!

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Weed Heights

A gathering in an old mining community.

Good times. Good friends. Good food.

See the photo gallery!

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Crocker on the Beckwourth Genesee Stage Route

The SNU May Rally met at the Crocker Campground for a relaxing weekend in the pines with friends.

Crocker Campground

See the photo gallery!. Lots of rocks and trees make this a bit difficult for RV’s but …

Here is a document about the road project prepared for Plumas County.

For a rundown on historical markers in the area, see the Plumas County Museum Association newsletter.

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The 2018 Calendar For Roadtreking Rv Lifestyle Gatherings describes a philosophy and approach towards the RV community that illustrates how technology has enabled and facilitated new ways of getting together and building friendships.

We don’t call our events “rallies.” We call them gatherings. There’s no membership requirements. Any and all types of RVs are welcomed. Tenters are welcome. Even people who camp in the pack of their car are welcomed.

There are no dues. No nametags. No agenda.

It’s all about the RV Lifestyle. The only requirements we have is that you have fun, are independent enough to plan your days on your own and are a nice person who gets along well with others.

That said, our gatherings have lots of activities you can participate in. Or not participate in. It’s all up to you.
Most of our gatherings are intentionally kept small – to no more than 30 rigs and 50 people. That way, everybody gets to meet and make friends and, if we agree to go to a local restaurant for dinner, we don’t completely overwhelm the servers and space.

There is much to be learned from an approach such as this. Some of the old, classic style, organizations could learn a lot about matching their identity and purpose to the modern RV experience.

One should note that the website is a part of a growing empire as a journalist found a niche and started a blog, a news site, a Facebook and YouTube presence and other activities to keep him going. See Mike’s Story.

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The SNU at Lassen RV Resort

Catch the updates to the Lassen RV Resort rally photo galleries?

See the photo galleries index page for the SNU Lassen RV Resort Rallies.

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SNU Rally at Boca Rest October 2017

October weather! Warm for prep, gusty with rain and cold on first night out then sunny afternoons and warming. 

See the photo gallery!

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SNU Rally Photo Galleries – Lassen RV Resort and SNU October News is up

SNU Folks,

*The October 2017 Newsletter has been posted*

Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

_Topics in the October newsletter_
Lassen Rally review -|- October at Boca Rest -|- Salem in 2018 -|- Trash -|- Historic Bridges -|
- The SNU 1980 Mid-Nevada Caravan -|- SNU Business, Renew your membership, October Annual Meeting -|
- Dyann’s Memories -|- Wheels Dry Camping -|- Tinker Toys

*October Rally At Boca Rest*
Thursday October 19 to Sunday October 22, 2017 the SNU rally will be at Boca Rest near Truckee, CA. 
Take the Hershdale exit off I 80 head north over the bridge and past the dam. 
Continue around the east side of the reservoir about a half mile. 
The campground is just off the road on the left. 
Bring wood for campfires (but see and

Keep Informed about the SNU
 * SNU 2017 Rally Schedule – Mark your calendars
* SNU Facebook page
* What's new on the


Also – See the Pictures!

See the photo galleries: 2017 rally photo gallery 1 -|- 2017 rally photo gallery 2 -|- 2017 rally photo gallery 3 -|- Video of Doris singing -|- Video of Russell singing

This isn’t the usual full service RV resort. They have a number of features to make a rally something special, including this layout.

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Urban show and tell

This one gets into different strokes for different folks. The example is something to think about in terms of how culture is changing and why people own an Airstream RV.

What seems to be a new trend is a rally parallel parking on a busy city thoroughfare for a show and tell. See Capi Lynn: Oregon has the third-largest Airstream club in the nation

Twenty members are expected to set up camp on Main Street for Friday and Saturday nights in what they hope will be the first of many urban rallies the club holds in the future in small towns across Oregon.

“Our goal is to bring people to the downtown and spread the joy of camping and Airstreams,” said Kathy Ellis-Kelemen, a club member in Salem.

There is some dissonance here. Bring people downtown to spread the joy of camping? Is a fancy RV the essence of camping or, perhaps, is it the plastic bag a homeless person is using for his downtown camping?

This is group stealth camping disguised as an RV trade show (see the RVIA calendar). It seems more about glamping rather than camping as the idea of putting one’s RV up for display on a public street seems it would create many barriers to actually using that RV for a few days. This is like those shows about prepping houses for sale and how the requirements for a good sales show disrupts using the house for living. The RV does fit right into the modern fad for tiny houses, though.

What seems to be missing here is the social aspect of a WBCCI rally. How can you commune with other ‘birds of a feather’ if most of your rally time is spent guarding your significant investment while strangers parade through it gawking at your possessions? Is the effort inner directed in the hubris of showing off or is it outward directed towards the objectives of the WBCCI (constitution Article III):

to afford opportunities for outdoor fraternization of recreational vehicle owners; to encourage safe driving and assist in improving the general welfare of the recreational vehicle public through assistance and active participation of all its members in building a strong organization for the betterment of good will toward recreational vehicle travel; to coordinate the interest and activities of its Regions and Units; to cooperate with other organizations within its sphere of interest which are seeking to elevate the standards and ethics of the various groups; to disseminate information of an advisory and educational nature which will be of value to its members and the public; to study, advise and recommend legislation in the interest of the recreational vehicle public and to oppose all legislation which is discriminatory and injurious to the recreational vehicle public and to encourage government and private agencies to provide more and better recreational vehicle parks and facilities.

The connections seem weak but then WBCCI members have shown little proclivity in recent years for introspection and discussion about their club behavior, values, and identity.


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SNU September Newsletter

SNU Folks,

*The September 2017 Newsletter has been posted*

Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

_Topics in the September newsletter_
Green Creek rally review -|- Lassen in September -|- SNU Business (rally ideas, board nominations, time to renew, form 990) -|- Boondocking -| Williams Travelogue -|- Family, Friends & Visitors -|- From the Archives – Elenere Amidon

*September Rally At Lassen RV Resort*

The annual rally at the Lassen RV Resort is September 21 to the 24th. Please make your reservation with and submit payment to: Randy Grossmann 2345 W. Washington St. Carson City, NV 8973 775-883-3603 email: Randy is old fashioned so he can only accept paper checks either handed to him in person or sent to him via snail mail. The cost for this rally is $120 which includes three nights of full hookups, a catered gourmet lunch and dinner, a waffle breakfast, and entertainment. Randy can email you a reservation form

For more information and pictures check the website

Keep Informed about the SNU
 * SNU 2017 Rally Schedule – Mark your calendars

* SNU Facebook page

* What's new on the


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SNU August Newsletter

SNU Folks,

*The August 2017 Newsletter has been posted*

Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

_Topics in the August newsletter_
Review of Weed Heights rally -|-  Green Creek August rally -|- Visit to Jackson Center -|- Welcome Douglas and Dawn Dale -|- Lassen in September -|- The “Other” SNU members -|- Torgue Them Wheel Bolts! -|- Trailer Park Troubadours. -|- SNU Business – nominations, rally schedule & dues -|-  Don & Gail’s Adventures -|- SNU Group Pictures

*August Rally At Green Creek*

Thursday, August 24 - Sunday, August 27, 2017  the  SNU August rally will be at Green Creek which is about 6 miles south of Bridgeport, CA off US 395. Green Creek is an NFS dispersed area  Be sure to follow Wheels directions to the rally site. Green Creek is close to Bodie and could be a great day trip. Activities as always are up to the whims of the rally participants. Plan to join us a Green Creek

RSVP’s  phone: 775 972 9392 or Email:	If you can’t come for the whole rally, come for a day or come for a visit whatever fits your schedule. For more information and pictures check the website

*2018 WBCCI International Rally in Salem, OR*

The WBCCI is expecting the 2018 International in Salem Oregon to fill up as did this year at Escanba. It's the perfect location to get a large contingent of Sierra Nevada Unit members at an International. Register now to make sure of a spot with water and electric.

*Keep Informed about the SNU*
 * SNU 2017 Rally Schedule – Mark your calendars

* SNU Facebook page

* What's new on the


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SNU July 2017 Newsletter

SNU Folks

*The July 2017 Newsletter has been posted*

Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there.

_Topics in the July newsletter_
Weed Heights in July -|- Crocker Canceled -|- 1965 Laramie Rally -|- Fridge Ideas -|- Foam Noodles -|- Africa 1959 -|- Environmentally Sustainable Camping -|- Lassen Rally -|- Summer Camping with Pets

*July Rally At Weed Heights*
The July rally will be at the full service RV park in Weed Heights Thursday July 20 to Sunday July 23, 2017. The RV park is located in the Township of Weed Heights just west of Yerington, NV off Hwy Alt 95. Dinner plans include Jerry’s famous Nevada surf-n-turf BBQ on Friday with ice cream for dessert. Hope to see you all at Weed Heights.

RSVP’s  phone: 775 972 9392 or Email:	If you can’t come for the whole rally, come for a day or come for a visit whatever fits your schedule.

For maps, more information and pictures check the website

Keep Informed about the SNU
 * SNU 2017 Rally Schedule – Mark your calendars

* SNU Facebook page

* What's new on the

— SNU HQ ……………………………………………………….This email should only be sent to those who have asked to receive it.Manage your subscription by using the form at or sending an email request to

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