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Fort Crook Museum Photo Gallery

Fort Crook was an outpost in Northern California near Burney Falls in the Fall River Valley area. Now there is a museum near McArthur, CA.

Fort Crook was established on July 1, 1857, to protect travelers on the Shasta – Yreka Road and the Lockhart Ferries. Built by Company A, 1st Dragoons under the command of Captain John W. T. Gardner, the fort consisted of 25 – 30 log buildings enclosed by a pine-pole stockade 12 feet high.

About twenty years after the California post closed, another Fort Crook was established near Omaha, Nebraska, now Offutt Air Force Base.

Fort Crook (2) (1857-1869) – A U.S. Army post established in 1857 as Camp Hollenbush by Captain John W.T. Gardiner and troops from the 1st U.S. Dragoons and the 4th U.S. Infantry in Shasta County, California. Initially named for Assistant Surgeon Calvin G. Hollenbush and later renamed Fort Crook for 1st Lieutenant George Crook, 4th U.S. Infantry. Abandoned in 1869 and returned to the public domain in 1881. [Fort Wiki]

A visit to the museum was on the schedule for many at the SNU Rally held at the Lassen RV Resort. See the photo gallery of the museum tour! Lassen RV Resort is just a few miles east of McArthur and Fall River Mills. If you want a spot for your RV where you can feel like you are camping in the scrub oak yet have all the conveniences ready to hand, this place is a good choice. 50A hookups, pool, and varied settings for the RV.

See the photo gallery of the museum tour!

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Where’s the water? Lahontan

It is a reservoir built in 1915 to help assure water to the fields near Fallon. These days, after a few years of drought, there isn’t much water in the reservoir. Here’s a view from a few years ago:

Lake Lahontan

The destination page for Lahontan State Park has links to the RV group’s photo galleries and other websites of interest — it needs to be updated as a number of the links to external websites suffer link rot. A web search for the title of the link.

The Nevada State Parks people haven’t sat still these last few years, either. Fort Churchill State Historic Park ties in the other end of some big plans:

“Nevada State Parks acquired 3,200 acres along the Carson River in 1994. The properties, known as the Carson River Ranches, connect Fort Churchill State Historic Park with Lahontan State Recreation Area. This river corridor, with its diverse plant and wildlife communities, is a popular area for campers, hikers, birdwatchers, canoeists, hunters and equestrians. While motorized travel on the ranches is not permitted, construction of public access parking areas and a scenic network of trails is ongoing.”

Of course, the float trips on the Carson River depend upon decent winter snowfall so you might need to wait a couple of years for a good La Nina winter for that. Meanwhile, there are a number of well marked trails for walking to view the old fort and the river bottom areas.

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MBCU Memories – Lloyd Brown drawings- 1989 White Sands Caravan #39

Lloyd had a special way to remember his caravan experiences with his Monterey Bay friends

Mojave Desert

see the gallery!

Southern California – the eastern side

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Lassen RV Park

The SNU is always on the lookout for potential rally spots. Here’s one Randy and Vicki checked out in NE California. See the Lassen RV Park report.

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October rally at Churchill State Park

The SNU October rally was in the cottonwoods down by the river:

See the photo gallery!

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Lamoille Canyon, Ruby Mountains, A visit with pictures by a geologist

She says she is Looking for Detachment and the latest post is about a geologist’s First Trip into the Ruby Mountains of Nevada. The event was the 2nd Annual Great Basin Rendezvous of the Nevada Mineral Exploration Coalition.

If you want to see what you’ve been missing in North East Nevada complete with a bit of geology, take at look. Here’s an example:

“At this point, where a falling rock sign appears on the side of the road, the overall U-shaped nature of the glacially carved canyon can be seen.
 The main part of Lamoille Canyon forms the foreground right of the road and highway sign, and it continues to the far left where cliffs of brownish gneiss, marble, and granite abound. The Right Fork of Lamoille Creek shoots off to the right, into the U-shaped canyon where its eastern, sunlit slopes are covered by green, yellow, and orange aspen trees.”

there’s more … go see!  

Go visit, too. Fall is time for color and sharp horizons in Nevada. As always, prepare for very cool mornings and beware of the potential for early storms. 

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Time to catch up on photo galleries and other additions to the web site.

First up is Eagle Lake. The gathering there in 2014 at Rocky Point East had wheels working CAP exercises so we got an aerial view.

Eagle Lake 2014
There are several photo galleries of the event linked so go see!

Then there’s the Likely RV Park. This is in the northeast corner of California where the Astronomy club likes the dark skies.

Likely RV Park
See the photo gallery!

The park management has been soliciting business so Randy checked it out. Not only does it provide good opportunities for astronomers but it also has a golf course and other amenities … maybe a bit civilized for the SNU ?

The top pages for early rally photos have been updated, too. See Rallies of the 1950’s and 1960’s and Rallies 1970’s, 1980’s & 1990’s and Rallies 2000, 2001 & 2002. See what was and compare the scenery to what it is today.

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April 2014 Boca Rest SNU Rally

Just off I80 near the California and Nevada Border are several NFS campgrounds on holding reservoirs for Truckee River water.  As this is a drought year, the water levels are rather low.

The rally weekend also happened to be one where spring storms were working their way through so the wind chill was significant and the propane consumption rather high. The wind was perhaps a bit strong for Randy’s kites, too. See the photo gallery!


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SNU Rally at Crocker October 2013

A bit chilly in the fall but the leaves were turning, the winds were calm, and the comeraderie something else (along with the scenery).

Crocker Rally 2013
see the photo gallery!

A no-fee camp area on between Frenchman’s and Davis Lakes. See Red Clover Valley Tour – first a in series of summer tours at Plumas County News for a bit of history on the area and the roads.

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On being a pawn: shutting down your touring destinations to influence your political views.

You may have heard the news about the political budget fracas. Did you know you are a pawn in the game? Warren Meyer runs a business you may have encountered at campgrounds. He has posted his Plea to Stop the White House From Closing Privately-Funded, Privately-Operated Parks. It is a letter to his Congressional representatives. In past shutdowns, he was left alone as his company hired people and fed money to the treasury. There is a difference this time.

“today, we have been told by senior member of the US Forest Service and Department of Agriculture that people “above the department”, which I presume means the White House, plan to order the Forest Service to needlessly and illegally close all private operations. I can only assume their intention is to artificially increase the cost of the shutdown as some sort of political ploy.”

If you plan to visit Washington D.C. to view the memorials and other sites, you might want to look into the saga of the WW II vets as well. Besides erecting barriers and increasing enforcement staff to block off a site never intended to close, people are being hired to protest the government ‘shutdown’ to try to counterbalance the veterans removing the barriers and visiting ‘their’ memorial. Apparently, spending government funds to close down tourist destinations is a critical government security issue, even if it is of the sort that generates funds for the government and jobs for part time RVers. Be aware of what actually is as it may not be what you are told.

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Manzanar National Historic Site

The U.S. is one of the very few countries to make a monument out of an embarrassment without outside provocation. The park service says it is One Camp, Ten Thousand Lives; One Camp, Ten Thousand Stories. Manzanar National Historic Site is 9 miles north of Lone Pine, CA.

See the photo gallery!

Get a glimpse of the psyche of the American people just after the Pearl Harbor attack. Keep in mind that modern ideas of ethnicity, nationality, and race were a luxury back then. Think about things that don’t change about people and how it could happen again in a different form.

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Mammoth Consolidated Mine August 2013

Just south of Lake Mary in the Mammoth Lakes area is the Mammoth Consolidated Mine, circa 1927-1933. If you are into touring abandoned facilities, this should be on your list.

See the photo gallery!

“The Mahan family was responsible for the Mammoth Consolidated, and donated the buildings and equipment that you see on the interpretive trail where remnants of buildings and machinery still stand.”

Samples indicated less than an ounce of silver and gold in a ton of ore or about $12.70 yield per ton in 1927.

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Mammoth Lakes, Devil’s Postpile, heading down US 395

After the Obsidian Dome rally, what to tour on the way home?

See the photo gallery!

Mammoth Lakes is a resort area and a good home base to tour the Devil’s Postpile, Lake Mary, Bishop, and other spots on the southern end of US 395 eastern Sierra Nevada.

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SNU Rally Weed Heights July 2013

When it gets hot, where do you go? Someplace with shade, breezes, and a good connection to the power grid! That puts the Weed Heights RV park high on the list for a July Rally.

weed heights SNU rally July 2013
See the photo gallery of the SNU Rally at Weed Heights.

This place is just outside Yerington in Lyon County about 30 miles southeast of Carson City as the crow flies (32 miles bearing 111). It is near the company housing for the retired Anaconda Mine. With the price of copper these days, there are some interested in going through the 360 million tons of tailings again. The EPA has spend the last ten years trying to find cause to label it a supersite for waste. They’ve spent a lot of money haven’t been able to make the case (yet).

Next year, the plan is to be there when the A Night in the Country will liven up Yerington. The event is a benefit to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley. There is dry camping at the Fairgrounds and it looks like that will be one big 24×7 party time there for the weekend.

The Weed Heights RV park is about 3 miles west and will serve as an overflow area or a camping spot for folks who want to spend the night sleeping or whatnot. You can tell the event managers have some experience as they ban booze, guns, and even pocket knives on premises along with video recorders and laser pointers. If you don’t like the rules, then look for Burning Man a bit later in the year … or maybe Hot August Nights, the Balloon Races, the Air Races, or some other event — lots going on in Northern Nevada.

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Virginia Creek, Conway Summit

Heading south out of Bridgeport on U.S. 395 you climb to Conway Summit, the highest on U.S. 395. The Virginia Creek road heads west from the summit towards resorts and camping opportinities

See the photo gallery! Most of the pictures here are of the lower informal campground on NFS land. The similar upper camping area is more suited to smaller vehicles and tent camping along the creek. Beyond that is the Trumbull Lake campground where you can make reservations online.

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Green Creek

It runs down that canyon!

Green Creek
There are two photo galleries, one for the SNU June 2013 rally and the other with scenery in the area. See the links on the Green Creek page.

This is at a conjuntion of BLM, NFS, and California State Wildlife areas with dispersed camping at spots alongside the creek. The road up the canyon is very rough and rises about 1500′ over 7 miles with moderate grades. The turnoff is from U.S. 395 halfway between Bridgeport and Conway Summit and just a bit north of the turnoff to Bodie.

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Obsidian Camp at US 395 north of Bridgeport

Here’s a possible place to stop if travelling on US 395. It’s just a bit north of Bridgeport 38.2973N 119.4470W off Little Walker Road on Molybdenite Creek.

Obsidian NFS Campground

See the photo gallery of the Toiyabe National Forest Obsidian Campground

Google Maps provides directions from US 395 that seem to go around the long way. It appears that Little Walker Road also intersects US 395 only about 4 miles from the campground. Google Earth elevation profile of the ‘direct route’ indicates a climb on this route of 844 ft with an average slope of 5% or so. Here’s what Wheels says about access:

“I took the Little Walker Rd from US 395. As I recall it was a typical dirt road that was not too narrow. The route from 108 on the Forest Service map looks very bad “Unimproved or 4 wheel drive Road Suitable for High Clearance Vehicles.” Also several creek crossings.”

Note that CA 108 is Sonora Pass, the second highest in the Sierra Nevada. CA 108 over the pass has some extremely steep grades and is not a recommended route for RV’s. Use Tioga to the south over to Yosemite, a bit higher but a better road with more manageable grades, or highway 88 to the north to get over the mountains.

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Green Creek

The SNU is looking to add a new place to the rally destinations collection. Green Creek is being evaluated. What do you think?


Green Creek

See the photo gallery!

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Rally in the woods, Crocker June 2012

It was a windy weekend in the pines between Davis and Frenchman Lakes north of Beckwourth on the Beckwourth Genesee Road.

Check out the SNU Rally photo galleries!

Randy came up with a new ‘thing’ and there are also links to other information about the area

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Find your antipode

Ever wonder about that idea of ‘digging to China’ ? Free Map Tools has a map tunneling tool that will show you your antipodes on a map. For the territory, the antipode is in the Indian Ocean off Madagascar.

The site has a few other tools that might be fun to play with …

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