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At Portofinos in Reno, here’s the door prize for the SNU gathering.

See the photo gallery: SNU Portofino’s December 2018

Then there’s the SNU Lunch at the Carson City Plaza November 2018.

See the photo gallery!.

Then there’s some updates and upgrades on the website

A couple of businesses noted our website and requested link updates or citations

50 Best Travel Tips from 10 Years of Travel –  This is an entry on the Your RV Lifestyle blog. definitely some interesting ideas

Jason Noel thinks Big Daddy RV’s in London, Kentucky is similar to another dealer link. Their RV Parts Country makes big claims that might be worth checking  out in trying to find what you need on your next repair and refurb job.

Open Culture notes a copyright expire date in 11,000 Digitized Books From 1923 Are Now Available Online at the Internet Archive. You can not only find free books but also courses and language lessons and movies and other media for your library.




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LED lighting, continued

Cool Tools, Flexible LED Strip Lights, has some nice pictures of LED strip lights installed as counter lights in a kitchen.

One problem with the LED strips is that you might want a housing so they aren’t installed bare but protected inside a fixture. That might make mounting easier and result in a less ‘industrial’ look. Here’s the Amazon link to one:

Superbright LED’s as linked by Cool Tools has a selection of these housings in both aluminum and MDF with lenses, end caps and other accessories. The problem is that they seem rather expensive. The Amazon item is nearly $10/foot and doesn’t include the LED’s.

An aluminum U channel extrusion can be found at the hardware store for less than $2 a foot. It might be possible to use one of those to make your own LED strip lighting housing. There appears to be a lot of this for 3/8″ thick glass edges and that is about the right width to handle one LED strip. The prices are all over the map. National Mfg. N342295 U Channel is a half inch wide, .08 high and 4 feet long for $6.19. Check your local hardware or big box home improvement store with a chunk of your light strip and see what might work. These stores will often have a selection of plastic sheets and things you could use for a diffuser.

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1958 Airstream World Traveler, then and now

Fifty years on: Here’s the trailer Jay and Sheri adopted as it was in its prime. It was the base for good times at a 1960 Colorado Springs rally parade. It may be that such times are in the future for this one again.

See the photo gallery

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Jeanette a 1951 Airstream Cruisette

Some folks like challenges. A 60 year old Airstream that was neglected and subject to untold terrors has been rescued and Jason has started the work to bring it back to its rightful heritage.

See the photo gallery!

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Trailer awnings

There’s been an update to the Owner’s Guide remodeling section on awnings. Check out the page on Awnings and see the photo galleries on roadside awnings, an awning replacement, and a roadside awning installation.

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Remodeling or restoring?

The remodeling section of the owner’s guide has a new addition and a facelift. This is where you can see how someone else did something like replace an awning, install a new vent, or added a gray water tank to their trailer.

The latest addition is the story of replacing an original vent with a new MaxxAir vent.
vent install
See the photo gallery!

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Gaucho Times with a 75 Ambassador

The Gaucho was moved from the front to the side and the credenza was turned into a table by the front window. Here’s how it was done.

Gaucho Results

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