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The 2018 Calendar For Roadtreking Rv Lifestyle Gatherings describes a philosophy and approach towards the RV community that illustrates how technology has enabled and facilitated new ways of getting together and building friendships.

We don’t call our events “rallies.” We call them gatherings. There’s no membership requirements. Any and all types of RVs are welcomed. Tenters are welcome. Even people who camp in the pack of their car are welcomed.

There are no dues. No nametags. No agenda.

It’s all about the RV Lifestyle. The only requirements we have is that you have fun, are independent enough to plan your days on your own and are a nice person who gets along well with others.

That said, our gatherings have lots of activities you can participate in. Or not participate in. It’s all up to you.
Most of our gatherings are intentionally kept small – to no more than 30 rigs and 50 people. That way, everybody gets to meet and make friends and, if we agree to go to a local restaurant for dinner, we don’t completely overwhelm the servers and space.

There is much to be learned from an approach such as this. Some of the old, classic style, organizations could learn a lot about matching their identity and purpose to the modern RV experience.

One should note that the website is a part of a growing empire as a journalist found a niche and started a blog, a news site, a Facebook and YouTube presence and other activities to keep him going. See Mike’s Story.

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The SNU Labor Day 2012 Rally at the Cantaloupe Festival and Rodeo

The Churchill County Fairgrounds has a nice campground right on US 95 just south of Fallon Nevada. There was a lot going on there during the Labor Day weekend besides the SNU rally. The Lions Club Junior Rodeo raised the dust, the Cantaloupe Festival had the goods, and the concerts entertained. Then there was the mud volleyball …

See the photo galleries!

The campground has electricity and water at the RV sites. The dump station and water station near the entrance have robots to collect fees if you need to use their services. A lot of the horse trailers parked in the no services area at a reduced overnight fee. Good shade and a whole lot of goathead (aka puncture vine, Tribulus terrestris, see also sexual effects at and other stickers for the dogs and any bare feet. Jerry’s lawn carpets were a real help under the awning!

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WBCCI Rallies

SNU Folks,

Rally Reminders

The Sierra Nevada Unit rally at Weed Heights is just around the corner. Dates are Thursday March 24 to Sunday March 27, 2011. For more information.  Don’t forget to bring your decorative lights, your crockpot, and your favorite omelet ingredients. Also if you are interested in the Friends of the NRA dinner on March 26, email Dyann at president (at) for more information.

An email from Gregg Ayers of NorCal is a reminder of the NorCal Rally in Bodega Bay. Dates are April 6 to 10, 2011.  Gregg and his wife Valri are co-hosts for this rally. If you are interested, Gregg’s email is gdavea786 (at)  Gregg and Valri attended the SNU rally at Obsidian Dome in 2010. They plan to join us again at Obsidian this August.

Paula Poll sent an email about a Vintage Trailer Rally that is held in September in Buellton at Flying Flags. Paula says “Our unit (Central Coast) is going to do a unit rally there—it is so much fun. You don’t have to have a Vintage trailer to attend” The bad part is that this rally is the same weekend as the SNU South Lake Tahoe Anniversary Rally September Friday September 23 – Sunday September 25, 2011. The good news is the Vintage Trailer Rally is an annual event so it would be worth keeping in mind for 2012. For more information contact Paula at paula (at) Paula and her husband Ed, also plan on being at the SNU Obsidian rally in August 2011.

Update on the SNU 35th Anniversary Rally

September Thursday September 22 to Sunday September 25, 2011.

The rally will be held at The Campground By The Lake on the west side of South Lake Tahoe. The dinner cruise will be on the Tahoe Queen. The campground is right across the highway from the lake and within walking distance of the Lake Tahoe Visitors Center, the Lake Tahoe museum, The El Dorado County Library and other points of interest. There are two nearby bike paths. Campground by the Lake website

Other special rallies were mentioned in the March SNU newsletter. These include:

* The Oregon Unit Wally Byam Birthday Rally in Baker Oregon

* The Region 12 Rally in Jackson CA


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SNU March newsletter

SNU Folks,

The March 2011 Newsletter has been posted. Links to photo galleries and additional information mentioned in articles in this newsletter can also be found there, too.

Topics in the March newsletter

Lunch at El Charro -|- SNU business meeting -|- Notes from the Prez -|- March Rally at Weed Heights -|- Off Grid-camping -|- Rose Parade Rally -|- Special Rallies & Events -|- Charter member remembered.

Rally at Weed Heights

The first SNU rally of 2011 will be March 24 to Sunday March 27 at Weed Heights RV Park. Activities include a crockpot pot luck and omelets in a bag. For more information and a map, see the link.

Friends of NRA Dinner

Saturday night. March 26  is the Friends of NRA dinner. SNU affiliate members Rich and Marian Rego were on the planning committee.  If you want to attend and haven’t gotten tickets yet contact Dyann Thornburg, She has the information and can pass the word along to Rich and Marian.  Email Dyann (president (at)

SNU 2011 Rally Schedule

For the latest on the Sierra Nevada Unit, check the homepage.

Check Zephyrs and find out what is new on


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Kaper charts, even if you’re not a Girl Scout leader

A “Kaper Chart” is a Girl Scout tradition for dividing up troop responsibilities. Girl Scouts divide the jobs that need to be done and share the work. Each job is called a Kaper and the chart that shows which girls do a particular job is called a Kaper Chart. Every girl needs to have a turn doing all the duties that need to be done. (girl scouts of san jacinto)

When you have a leader with 30+ years in Girl Scouting who also enjoys caravaning, you get rally kaper charts. Virginia – the Kaper Chart Queen is one such example.

Scoutmom has some good guidance on making kaper charts. Also see leader lobby for some other ideas about suggested jobs or kapers.

As for the MBCU, it seems to have lost its kapers. Sharing the load, knowing who was responsible for what, and being asked to participate to get the job done are the kinds of things Kaper Charts do and promote the health and welfare of a group.

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Lloyd and Ruth Brown, WBCCI 17330, Remembering the good old days

In memories, travelogues, a special section has been set up remembering Lloyd and Ruth Brown, charter members of the Monterey Bay California Unit of the WBCCI. This is a personal story of the heyday of the WBCCI in the seventies and eighties with Lloyd’s artwork, photographs, and reminiscences.

Oregon Pipes ’93

You’ll find links to biographical information, Lloyd and Ruth’s story about the 1971 Airstream Company European Caravan, and photo galleries with many of Lloyd’s sketches and water colors.

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Caravan memorabilia

One way a club rewards participation is with memorabilia. Here are a few examples from the Monterey Bay California Unit of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International collected by Dale and Virginia during the 1980’s.

see the photo gallery!

Some of these are crafts projects, some advertising specialty like items, some just home-made certificates and recognitions. What does your club do to reinforce participation and have fun at the same time?

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Amateur Radio Field Day, June 2009

The Sierra Nevada Unit of the WBCCI is planning on participating in the Amateur Radio Field Day exercise at its rally in June. The ARRL has a Field Day Package and a station locator. An entry has been made in the locator for this event. Look for station K1CD.

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Volunteer opportunity: science fair in Reno

The RGJ reports: Money, volunteers needed for May science fair in Reno. This might be an opportunity for volunteers visiting the area.

The world’s only international science fair, featuring the brightest young scientists, engineers and inventors, is coming in May to Reno.

The 2009 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair will bring about 1,600 high school students from across the United States and 57 countries to compete May 10-16 for $4 million in scholarships and awards.

See also the Gathering Genius website or the NCET PSA which notes

Don’t have time to volunteer, or don’t have a lot of money to donate? Well, now you can help Gathering Genius just by going to local Scolari’s for your food shopping! Through the Scolari’s Friendship Fund, you can dedicate your frequent shopper number to Gathering Genius and ISEF. Each time you shop, Scolari’s will donate 1 percent of your bill to Gathering Genius!

The “help wanted” page for volunteers at Gethering Genius. Check it out. Maybe you have a place in the effort.

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Sweetwater planning, weather forecasts

If you plan to head out to the Sweetwater Summit rally and are looking at the thermometer in the current hot spell, weather comes to mind.

The Nevada Road Weather Information System (RWIS) for this location is still offline after many months. It doesn’t provide forecast information, anyway.

To get a forecast courtesy of modern weather modelling, the National Weather Service point forecast for Sweetwater Summit (38.53N -119.2W Elev. 6842 ft) will get you out a full week.

Keeping cool isn’t the only concern. The agencies are at paranoia level 1 regarding fire. Anita sent along links to Reno Gazette Journal stories on this: Fire restrictions in Western Nevada underway as of July 1 and Fire restrictions start this week — don’t plan on a charcoal grill, campfire, or even an outdoor smoke in these conditions!

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Clint did another one

Clint keeps up his skills by drawing cartoons and pictures and sketches. The subject is often his RV experience. The latest one on his memories page shows the SNU rally goers at then end of the rally seeking shade from the shadow of a rig.

The morning coffee starts by seeking sunshine to warm up. But after an hour or so, the day starts to warm and the sun starts to get hot so everybody is seeking shade. This is the major exercise activity at SNU rallies, sometimes: chair moving to find the desired temperature profile.

The storm that just went through was the one that started all the California fires. The winds from the storm required rolling up the awnings to keep them from departing to the next county without the trailers attached. It was departure morning so there was little incentive to unfurl the awnings again. That meant the available shade was the shadow of the RV.

See what Clint saw as folks at the SNU rally tried to relax over coffee before heading back out on the road.

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April approaches

Sunday is April first (see our calendar). If you are into April Fool’s pranks, you might check out the Top 100 at the Museum of Hoaxes. That list includes The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest and San Serriffe – these hoaxes are often based on interesting trivia or extravagant imagination and make for quite a learning experience.

Of course April has other goings on, too. The SNU Rally at Lahontan State Recreation Area is set for the third weekend. US Tax day is going to be the 16th this year. Earth Day is the 22nd.

The calendar is a new experiment here. Besides a general purpose calendar, it is also intended to be a resource for travelers. If you plan to be at some place like Death Valley or Flaming Gorge or wherever and would like to invite others to drop by and say “hi!” then you can add an entry to the calendar so others can see where you’ll be when and can plan to join you if they are interested. We’ll see how this works out.

Update: for more April Fool’s prank ideas, see Scott Adam’s Dilbert blog!

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The Women Get Together

It seems there is a significant interest in the women getting together by themselves or for themselves.

RVing Women – Support Information & Networking for Women RVers!

If you plan to travel by RV, already own one, or are just dreaming about the possibilities, we’re here for you. We are a diverse group of women across the U.S. and Canada who enjoy RVing and love to travel. Our members learn about RVing and enjoy a network of support and friendship offered by RVing Women. Join the thousands of women who have found this supportive organization.

Sisters on the fly,Cowgirl Caravan,fly fishing,trailers,vintage trailers,western bedding

In the summer of 1998 , my sister Becky and myself (Maurrie) sat on a drift boat in Montana fly-fishing. We were happily drinking a glass of wine in celebration of catching an 8 lb. Brown trout. Our Fly- Fishing Outfitter and Guide, Austin, (also my son) congratulated our good job. Of course, we won’t tell you which one of us caught it…It’s a fish-tale you know! From that moment on we invited friends to share in our adventures. Our “Sisterhood” has grown into 630 some women who are active participants in our fly-fishing and other adventures. It is all about the participating in outdoor adventures with women of the same mind set. Having more fun than anyone.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman “offers outdoor skills workshops to women throughout North America. Explore our pages and discover what’s waiting in the great outdoors!”

Women on Wheels

If you are a lady who loves to drive or ride as passenger on motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters, or trikes then this is the group for you! This organization welcomes your family members and you to indulge your passion for riding with other discriminating hobbyists, at rallies, chapter meetings, tours, or other events.

If this is your inclination, then this is just a start. Get out there and find your ‘birds of a feather’ flock – there’s sure to be one out there (if not, why not start your own?)

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Airstream memories – Bryan and Jo Harrison is a photo gallery of what it was like when WBCCI was becoming the phenomena it is today.

see the photo gallery!

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Burning Man is another large Rally

Brad Templeton has pictures and thoughts on the Burning Man Festival. This is rather large gathering that is scheduled for Labor Day out on the Black Rock Desert north of Gerlach Nevada. When you have thousands gather for a week long dry camp experience in a pristine area you have interesting challenges.

Brad’s essay on Desert Power is a good summary about how to handle the need for electricity when off grid. He describes the method used by WBCCI, rented large generators, as a possible way to reduce noise, cost, and pollution.

Thoughts on the nature of Burning Man gets into the issues of parking, services, commerce, crowds, and ideologies at the Rally. Some of the folks over at need to read this and think carefully about their idea that anarchy is a solution to organizing group events.

Brad also links to the Alternative Energy Zone which has parallels with the VAC in the WBCCI. This is a “Burning Man community free of stinking, noisy, polluting generators.” They are a theme camp that has grown to be something more. The website has a good set of supplier links for alternative energy needs and a glossary of terms used in the subject.

There is a lot in common between the administration and management of Burning Man and the WBCCI I’Rally. Despite WBCCI’s longer history of such events, the evidence indicates it is WBCCI that could learn from Burning Man and not vice-versa.

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WBCCI Unit Leadership Workshops

Renee and a few Region 2 friends have put together workshop series for WBCCI unit leaders that will be conducted at the International Rally in Salem. See the announcement on the notebook page for Seminars, Attractions and Tours. This should be a must attend series for Unit officers and others who want to make sure their local Unit gets things done right and efficiently.

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SNU February

Dear WBCCI Sierra Nevada Unit Enthusiast,

The February 2006 Newsletter has been posted. See the link.

** Sierra Nevada Unit 30th Anniversary Luncheon February 18, 2006. This is going to be a really special event. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, do so now! Email or call 775 972 5011. We need to know how many people to expect. Among the special guests who are planning to attend are the Region 12 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, and Jon and Jelaine Whipple from Mt Family RV. Vicki Grossmann is hard at work planning decorations for our Anniversary Cake and from what I hear it will be a masterpiece. For more information and map .

* If you were not able to attend our January luncheon, we’d still like your opinion on the issues brought up during the business part of the agenda. You will find an opinion form. Please print it out, fill it in and send it to the SNU. Your opinion does matter.

* to see pictures of the January Luncheon, see what’s new.

* Check out Tim and Kimber’s article on their experiment with LED lighting. They have some great pictures to illustrate the article. Also check out the LED information on Tim and Kimber’s website.

The SNU Folks

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SNU 1980 Mid-Nevada Caravan

See the pictures from the SNU 1980 Mid-Nevada Caravan.
Kennicot mine

This picture is the approach to Kennecott’s huge Ely digs.

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Update on the Sierra Nevada Unit of the WBCCI

Update on the Sierra Nevada Unit of the WBCCI

  • The December 2005 Newsletter has been posted. see the link.
  • Plan to attend the SNU Luncheon December 3rd in Gardnerville.
  • An article in this newsletter describes a project initiated by Rick Laborde. His idea was to give all SNU members and opportunity to vote on the rally schedule for 2007. To cast your vote, hit this link
  • See the November Pyramid Lake rally pictures and some other new additions to the website.
  • We still want your input on dues payments and an optional annual rally fee. To provide your input on dues payments and to provide your input on an annual rally fee
  • Special luncheon February 18th. Mark your calendars and plan to attend our special 30th anniversary kick-off luncheon in Carson City at the Silver Oak Golf Club. We plan to invite some special guests and have some special celebration activities. Save this date and don’t miss the celebration.

  • SNU Folks

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    Pyramid Lake Pictures!

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