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Region 12 Updates April 2015

This is a quick note to inform you of some Region 12 information that is time sensitive.

1. Voting for the new Region Officers has come to a conclusion. Thank you to the seven units that turned in Ballots. No complaints in the future from the four units that didn't bother. Results will be announced in the first week in May.

2. There is a Constitutional Motion Vote this June that I forgot to tell you about. It was proposed on July 5th, 2014 and I forgot about it. It is attached to this email. Would you please talk to your members about it. For a change, it is logical and makes sense. It currently takes about 45 minutes to do a role call vote at the Delegates meeting each summer. The IBT board passed a method to call for a unanimous vote on motions that have no opposition. This amendment will give the delegates the same ability and will save a lot of time.

3. I need to know who is going to represent your unit in at the International Delegates meeting and opening Ceremonies in Farmington. They should take along a white shirt or blouse (with sleeves) and dark pants. We would also like them to bring the unit flag and flag pole. It is usually the president that does this but you can designate any member from your unit that is going. You will have to sign a form from WBCCI that makes them official. They will vote at the delegates meeting.

Note: The SNU has elected Don Williams as 2015 Delegate He'll be confirmed at the May rally

4. Kia Johnson, our Region editor for the Blue Beret Articles has resigned. Thanks Kia for a job well done. I (Robert Stansbury) will be doing the articles unless you know of someone else that wants to do them. Let me know of any events or information that you want published. I need to know 3 months in advance.

Watch for a Region Newsletter soon and thank you for attending to the above matters.

Robert Stansbury, Region 12 President

Proposed Amendment to the WBCCI Constitution