Greetings Region 12 Presidents,

I am writing to you as a Delegate to the WBCCI Delegates meeting in Du Quoin and as a member of the Constitution revision committee.

One of the main issues to be considered at the Du Quoin meeting will be a revision of the WBCCI Constitution. You have received from headquarters the Unit Presidents package containing a printed copy of the normal materials sent out prior to the meeting including 6 documents relating to the proposed revision. These documents present in detail the proposal, however, many people do not understand the process that will be used in deliberating or modifying the proposed revision. In addition there are many questions that people have presented regarding the proposal that have not been addressed.

As a member of the committee and a concerned member of WBCCI I am offering my services to help you address any questions you or your members may have regarding the proposal. If you are having Unit meetings where the proposal will be discussed I would be willing to attend, if invited and you can give me sufficient notice. In lieu of that, a good speaker phone at a meeting would allow me to try and address any questions you or your members might have. If your question will require research or consultation with the other members of the committee I will try and get back to you with a written response ASAP.

More importantly, you and your membership need to understand that as a part of the Delegates consideration of the revision any Article can be amended in the process and then, and only after all of the articles have been considered, will there be a vote to accept or reject the revision as amended. So if there are areas of deep concern your membership should consider and bring to the delegates meeting any proposed amendments to individual Articles that will clarify or strengthen the Article.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to address any concerns or questions you or your membership may have.

Tom Smithson, President NorCal

916 961 7214