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Region Presidents,

Recently you and your unit presidents received a great deal of information about the revised constitution that will be voted on at the International this year. I have reviewed all of the documentation and stated my opinion in the attached file. Please take the time to read my opinion of the revision along with the other documents you have received. Not everyone will agree with my opinion, but I believe that it is important for the members to be fully informed before they make any decision that will affect the future of our club. Please share this information with your unit presidents if you feel that it is appropriate.

Richard Girard #7513 Region 11 – 1st Vice President, Unit – Past President, 2020 Committee Member

Richard's Opinion (PDF document_)

Response to Richard


Judy forwarded your opinion in re the WBCCI Constitution replacement. Thank you for raising some very valid points that need full accommodation.

I went through the process for our Unit a while back and that analysis is online

One thing I think needs to be addressed is that the Constitution is often the association's contract with the state. I should be minimal and just sufficient to meet the obligations of state law. Changing it often has issues regarding the state's incorporation of the association.

The bylaws are for the members and by the members and changes to it need to meet quorum and voting requirements.

Policies are the realm of the Trustees.

Judy also sent one of the Airforums diatribes. I have difficulty trying to remain civil when I see that form of misunderstanding of governance. An association is not a government. Although both practice governance, the scope and mission are completely different things.

The effort at changing the governance is completely missing its rationale: the membership decline. I really know of very very few people that join an organization like WBCCI in order to engage in political machinations, yet that is the goal (i.e. the 'one man one vote' assertions)

My sister and I have a good deal of experience in associations and volunteer management and leadership. We know what it takes and we have used our local Unit to demonstrate it.

But, just about every encounter we have had with WBCCI governance has been negative. We know that you can lead a horse to water but there is no way you can get him to even taste it if he has no inclination to do so. The WBCCI doesn't seem to even realize that plain ol' water is sufficient to quell its thirst.

On our end, I've just about given up on trying to even discuss things like this. My sister and I have been on several committees and been lambasted for suggesting they follow established rules or have had our advice shoved aside. While it is tempting to get into the 'I told you so', such an approach serves no one so we just leave it alone.

That is why your opinion is heartening. It is good to see someone in WBCCI is thinking. I know that in our Unit, the changes you described would just about do in our Unit as a WBCCI entity. They can't see any reason for the insanities that keep showing up and it is tough to convince them to maintain membership as it is.

Bryan Leipper, WBCCI 772
Sierra Nevada Airstreams Org
tel/fax 775 972 5011, POB 60572 Reno NV 89506

Another Response


Posted by Howard Lefkowitz on Aiforums


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Fri, 15 Apr 2011 12:55:54 -0400


Lets Fix WBCCI

Since I played some part in setting up the committee that put together the new Constitution I feel the need to let you know my opinion. Our club is dying at a rapid rate. The answer to this problem is new and younger members and bringing the club into the 21st century. That is the reason for the new Constitution.

Our Club cannot fix any problems without spending years of study by a bunch of old members intent on preserving the
200 pages of the Blue Book. It is time to make the changes needed so the hundreds of new Airstream byers will join. I urge you to pass the changes, save the club and fix any problems during the next year. There is nothing in the new Constitution that will destroy our Club or cannot wait to be fixed.

The essence of the new Constitution is one man one vote using the latest communications techniques, elimination of many of the restrictions that needlessly cost us money and new members, changing perceived holy dates and practices and simplifying how we do business. Studying this for another year will result in endless discussions about stupid details as well as the loss of many current members.

An observation:

1. The trouble makers trying to change the club are mostly the younger members
2. The 'we should study this more' are mostly the old line members who don’t want to change anything.

When I tried to join WBCCI back in 1985 they would not accept me because I had one of those ‘evil’ Motor Homes. My FMCA friends said why do you want to join an elitist, stuck-up, unfriendly group full of old people who don’t really want young members with children. All they do is talk about Fun, Fellowship and Adventure they do not practice it. Here it is 25 years later and what is our reputation now?

So what if you are bothered by some detail, let it go, and lets try to fix the main problems and really get back to the Fun, Fellowship and Adventure.