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Sierra Nevada Unit Hams

The SNU has several members who hold amateur radio licenses. These licenses are granted and regulated through the FCC. The ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) is the national organization for amateur (ham) radio operators.

The term “ham” in regards to amateur radio operators goes back to the beginning of wireless communications. Before regulations were enacted amateurs could cause interference on commercial air waves. The frustrated operators referred to the amateurs as “hams”. The original meaning has disappeared but the term has stuck. Amateur radio is a hobby enjoyed by thousands world wide. WBCCI has an intra-club of amateur radio operators who run a radio net at the International rally and other events and also hold special ham radio rallies.

SNU Hams (current and past members)

N7FEM - Gene Baleme
KF7QVB – Fred Carey
KB6YAF - Russell Decker
KI6ROW - Deborah Decker
KD0TA - Gary Haskett
KD7PKQ – John Lapham
K1CD - Bryan Leipper
KB7DSW - Diane Leipper
KE7UVC - Jerry Thornburg
KD6UVT - Don Williams

silent key (deceased)

KD6ETF - Dan Randall
KE6NOS – Bruce Rhymes
N7ODT – Vaughn Peak
K7RHW - Wheels Wheeler
KA7VLL- Dave Gmur

Some SNU members have been actively involved in amateur radio for years in a variety of ways. Bryan was instrumental in developing the training program for amateur radio in the 1970's while working as an employee of ARRL. Diane worked with local ham operators during the 1988 Special Olympics and also in 1989 during the Loma Prieta Earthquake. In 2007, Don worked his first real incident as a R.A.C.E.S. Operator at the Red Cross for the recent Esperanza Fire in early November. Unfortunately five fireman lost their lives defending homes in the mountains east of Riverside. He also worked a two day state-wide Hospital Exercise (bird flu epidemic)in November.

In 2008 Don Williams wrote this piece for the SNU newsletter - “I just assumed the role of Deputy Chief West for Riverside County RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service). I have 8 city/region districts in western Riverside County that I help manage and will report to me; I report to the Chief RACES Officer for the County. I think I'll have to start making an attempt to check in on the Sunday morning RACES 75 Meter Net from the SNU rallies. Here is a short bio that Don prepared for RACES. Don has been an amateur radio operator for 15 years and holds a General Class license. Don has served as Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Riverside District, President of the Riverside Amateur Radio Association and Chairman of the Inland Empire Council of Amateur Radio operators. Don is retired from a long career at the city of Corona as a Civil Engineer and manager in the Department of Water and Power. As part of his duties he helped prepare the department’s emergency response plan and represented the department in Corona’s Emergency Operations Center.”

Death Valley November 2008 - click on image for larger view

Read Don's write up of the SNU rally in Death Valley in 2008 and how he handled his ham radio duties.

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