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Park hosting

Many of these, I've been by myself, with no neighbors. Either in a closed park, or in a closed camp loop. Very nice! I've hosted 5 horse camps. Sadly, no pictures except one.

General information

Parks where Anita has hosted

Rivers, lakes and streams near host sites

Park events 2019, & events in parks

park flowers

Park wildlife

Rainbows, weather, seasons & moons. host sites & travel

National & Federal Parks

Elkhorn Valley BLM. Gates, OR, 2010. May-Labor Day. Day use and camp host. Host site off by itself -my favorite host site.

Horsfall, ODNRA. Bluebill camp, Horsefall Beach camp & day use, and Wild Mare horse camp.

Joshua Tree National Park visitor center and camp host

Oregon State Parks

Beachside State Park

Beachside SP maintenance host title, day use host in campground closed for the winter

Cape Blanco State Park and Humbug

Cape Blanco State Park (day use and camp host)

Cascara SP, SWMU day use and camp host.

Goose Lake (day use and camp host)

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Honeyman State Park, OR. Loop H. & loop F. Welcome Center. Day use host with host site in F loop of camp. (also did H loop camp host once)

Humbug Mountain SP, OR

Humbug SP. CBMU

Nehalem Bay State Park Day use only. Host site in a camp loop. Host duties included day use areas around the bay and airport and horse camp and hiker-biker camp

ODFW Summer Lake maintenance host

Silver Falls State Park

South Beach SP, OR Welcome Center. Day use host with host site in camp

Tugman SP, OR. 8-11. & Tugman stop-overs (day use and camp host

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

Sunset Bay SP

Oregon Day Use areas

Arizona Beach

Ecola SP. Day use

Elijah Bristow SP

Jasper State Park 2013 - 2018 -|- Jasper State Park 2019

Lowell SP

ODFW Summer Lake

Pilot Butte SP, OR. Day use

Thompson’s Mill State Park

Tseriadun State Recreation Site

Park Activities

SWMU host appreciation 2018

host appreciation gifts from park

park activities over the years

Parks maintenance & repairs

Park Visitors

RV sightings


Death Valley

Early travels

El Camino Real Rally, Quartzsite, AZ 1-'12

Escapees- Coos Bay, OR. Death Valley. Why, AZ.

Ft. Churchill scout camp-Carson River Ranches, NV. October 2011

Lava Beds NM, CA rally, August 2008.

Organ Pipe

Oregon Unit rally, Westfir.

Red Rock Canyon

Tecopa area, CA.

Walker Lake, 20-mile Beach

Whiskeytown NRA

WBCCI Salem Rally 2018

Frank Lloyd Wright house

Mount Hood

Visiting other rallies

Road Trip documents


Riding the Bus – views from the windows

Favorite Photos

November cranberry gleaning


Whole food plants

Area Events

Snow on the Oregon & Northern California Coast 2019

Annual Summaries

2004 & 2005 Review

2006 Review

2007 Review

2008 by month

2009 by month

2016 review

Parks by Management Unit

SWMU -the Southern Willamette Management Unit

Elijah Bristow State Park

Anita host at - Elijah Bristow SP

RV Horse trailers-weekenders-cabovers

Horses, Llamas and Mules

Color run & 24 hour run. Elijah Bristow State Park.

Oregon Equestrian Trails Event

OBDs- Fords towing horse trailers

Dodge, Chevy & more. -towing horse trailers

Lowell State Park

Anita host at - Lowell SP

Jones fire staging area

Jones Fire Take-down

Drag boats at Lowell State Park

Host Lowell Drag boat races

boats, beaches & planes at Lowell SP

Fire & rescue at Lowell SP

Lowell SP & Broken Bowl NFS

Jasper, Cascara, and Thompson’s Mill

Anita host at - Thompson’s Mill

Anita host at - Cascara SP, SWMU

fire & rescue practice at Jasper

Middle Fork Willamette River at Jasper

Jasper State Park 2013 - 2018 -|- Jasper State Park 2019

Cape Blanco Management Unit

Anita host at - Humbug Mountain SP, OR

Anita host at - Humbug SP. CBMU

Anita host at - Tseriadun State Recreation Site

Anita host at - Cape Blanco & Humbug

Anita host at - Cape Blanco State Park

Anita host at - Arizona Beach

Sunset Bay Management Unit

SMBU Hosts

Anita host at - Sunset Bay SP

Shore Acres

Miscellaneous Celebrations

Festive – celebrations of various sorts

Scandinavian Festival

Oregon County Fair 2016 & 2017


Jackie’s Bayside House

Bayside before and after