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Directions and finding your way - safe and sound and before sundown.

Our Sierra Nevada Unit likes to plan rally sites in some rather unpopulated or even unprepared spots. Finding us is almost like passing an IQ test! But, by working together, we can get by this test with a little less anxiety about finding a camp before sundown or getting stuck on a dead end road where you can't turn around or getting stuck. Maps may not be quite accurate or they may not even have some of the roads and places we like to go so we have to do our own scouting and mapping to make sure we can help everyone find the rally site safe and sound and before sundown.

One of the first things we can do is to provide more precise and better directions and to illustrate the route with pictures. At Boca Spring there were several comments that distances such as 'quarter mile' weren't very useful. So we need to specify distances by tenths of a mile (being careful to adjust for odometer errors on the measuring vehicle). And then we need to get a picture of important junctions so people can see what to look for. In addition, we need to post some signs that can be used to point the way to our rally site.

To do these things requires a bit of work on the part of the rally site scouts and the rally hosts. If you are out looking for potential rally sites, take pictures of important junctions as well as the site itself. Note mileage carefully. Try to anticipate 'puzzle points' that would confuse a newcomer to the route. Even if you don't find a good rally site on your scouting trip, you will have some good information and pictures to share with others on our web site.


Wow! That Carson City Waterfall fire closed down our last picnic spot and has caused a lot of people loss and grief. Some folks could not even get their RV's out of the way of the fire as it spread so fast. But also note the outpouring of help and assistance for those who are displaced by the fire.

Dont' forget: we are planning on a Twin Lakes rally August 27-29. see - do please let us know if you plan to attend as space might be kind of tight. More later ...

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Hot brakes!

WBCCI SNU Twin Lakes Rally August 27 - 29, 2004

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See the Reno Gazzette Journal story at

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Have you noticed how much steeper our mountains are on the east side? This is because the geologic lifting is from the east. So the east side of the mountains has the fracture and the west side is just tilted.

Going up hills is just a matter of gearing, patience, and watching engine and tranny temps. Going down hills needs more care. One rule of thumb is to go down a hill in the same gear you would use to go up it. Do not ride your brakes. If your gearing cannot hold your speed down, then slow down and downshift. You should only need your brakes occasionally to slow down to a safe speed for a corner or to occasionally get the speed down to comfortable engine revolutions.

Never ride your brakes. On really steep grades, brake down and then coast back up to a reasonable speed. If you end up doing more 'brake down' than coasting, gear down and slow down! If you even think your brakes may be getting hot, find a place to stop and rest for a few minutes. Be alert to smells (the awful smell of burning brakes can often be detected when following 18 wheelers down a long, steep hill) or brake fade and take early action.

One common cause of jacknife accidents is when someone is going down hill and is surprised by a corner or an obstacle in the road. Trailers cannot maneuver well in situations like this, even when they have good brakes. So give yourself plenty of margin for safety.

It is also not a good idea to stop for fuel after descending a long grade. Extremely hot running gear can be a fire hazard. Let the brakes and running gear cool down first. Hit a coffee shop for lunch or take a break before getting gas.

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Mark Roberts has posted nine articles at his weblog in a series he calls “American Reflections” about his recent tour of the western US. His latest episode is about sky watching during a visit to Bishop. He has a lot of good pictures as well as his ruminations. See

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Worried about nasty things taking over your computer? If you are running windows, check out the Welcome to the Microsoft Protect Your PC Web site - – If you want to try something else, a lot of us run Linux and can help you with that alternative.

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Also known as a teapot - "On these late summer evenings after the Sun has set, look low in the south for the classical Archer, Sagittarius. Traditionally a centaur (half man, half horse), it’s one of two such creatures in the sky. The other is Centaurus, a large, complex star pattern best viewed during the spring from far-southern localities. Long ago Sagittarius was not a centaur at all but simply a standing Archer (looking with some apprehension toward the Scorpion immediately to his west). "

c/o LMG POB 60572 Reno NV 89506 ph/fax 775 972 5011


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