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Highway 50

East from Carson City on Highway 50 'the loneliest road in America' goes to the Nevada Utah border. West from Carson City on Highway 50 goes through the Lake Tahoe area and into California.

The Pony Express Route

This is a great drive. There are some decent grades on some of the passes, but you rarely hold up traffic since there is not much of it. Great Basin NP on the Utah/Nevada border is a surprising alpine oasis in the desert. Lehman Caves are also there and worth the time to tour. Near Ely is Cave Lake SP, another good place to stay for a day if you don't need hookups. There is a KOA in Ely, one of the private CG's along this stretch of 50. There is a walking tour of Eureka (almost a ghost town at one time) that is a good way to stretch your legs. Bob Scott NF CG just east of Austin is in the trees but doesn't have water but does have bathrooms. The road into Austin is quite windy but the speed limits are low anyway, so just use low gear. It will be quite warm that time of year, but it cools off nicely in the high desert at night. Waking to the smell of the sage desert is great and a change from the pine/spruce smell typically found in the western mountains. And at night, the stars are amazing once you get a short distance out of the small towns along the way -- just very little light pollution. - []

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U.S. 50 East from Carson City through Ely into Utah

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W Lon

N Lat



Overland Hotel in Fallon

50 E

Gold Hill – Township of Gold Hill on hwy 342 near Virginia City

50 E; North Hwy 342

Dayton – Town of Dayton, Gold Canyon Restaurant, Nevada State Park at Dayton

395 S; 50 E





Berlin - Icthyosaur State Park


80 E;


Belmont Courthouse State Historic Site

1965 Rally pictures

A Toquima Range Tour by Moore's Creek Ranch and through Belmont and Manhattan and Kingston. From the Big Smokey Valley to Monitor Valley and 'round Round Mountain.

Austin Nevada

50 E

Bob Scott Summit


50 E

Hickison Petroglyphs


50 E

Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park

93 S

Great Basin National Park/Lehman Caves

50 E

U.S. 50 West from Carson City through South Lake Tahoe into California

Zephyr Cove RV Resort


50 W

Campground by the Lake, South Lake Tahoe

City Campground

50 W

Spooner Lake

NV State Park

50 W

SNU Events in this area

Dayton State Park 2004

Picnic at Spooner Lake 2004 -|- 2005

Lahonton Playa 2005

Kingston 2005

Gold Canyon luncheon 2007

Gold Hill luncheon 2009

Hickison 2011 -|- 2016

Overland in Fallon luncheons 2006 -|- 2009 -|- 2011

South Lake Tahoe Rally 2011

Other information

Ken & Allison
2 Non-Camping Cats
1996 4Runner TRD Supercharger, Edelbrock headers
2003 Bantam B819 Hybrid (For long trips)
1994 Coleman Chesapeake (For rugged adventures)
US-50 across Nevada (The Lonliest Road) is great! We drove it last year, and there are lots of things to see, if you have the time. Here are some of the places we dry camped along the way:

1. Carson City Nugget Casino
2. Dayton State Park
3. Churchhill County Fairgrounds (Fallon)
4. Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park (south of US-50)
5. Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area
6. Illipah Reservoir Recreation Area
7. Holiday Inn Prospector Casino (Ely) (this isn't actually dry camping as they have full hookups -- first night is free, less than $10 per night thereafter with a 5-day maximum stay)
8. Great Basin National Park
melvina, May 16, 2004, escapees discussion forums

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