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A method to the madness

There are a lot of pictures here. Since not everybody has high speed or broadband internet connections, we try to make sure that any visitors can see what is available and choose the level of detail their connection and resources permit.

Thumbnails are used to show what pictures are available for inspection. These have a resolution of about 10K pixels and a size of under 3 KB which takes about 2 seconds to load each thumbnail at cell phone modem speed (14,400 bps). We try not to overload index pages which means no more than ten or so thumbnail pictures on an index page.

Photographs are usually scaled to about 480K pixels or less. These are about 500 KB and will load in a minute or so at cell modem speeds. If you want a higher resolution picture, please contact the photographer as many of these photographs may have higher resolution copies,

The software that makes this presentation possible is created by volunteers. Dreamhost, our internet service provider uses Linux and Apache. We use Open Office to edit web pages and photographs, Mozilla as a web and e-mail client, and htmlslide to prepare thumbnails and slide shows. Our thanks to all of the volunteer programmers who make this possible.

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